House of logs hewn by hand

By Admin | Building
01 June 2016

classic wooden walls of the house should be from a round log.The thickness of the wooden wall not less than 35cm, can retain heat, along with masonry 1.5 m in thickness.Untreated wood to build a house, you need to prepare.This includes the removal of bark obstrugivanie to the desired shape, drying, impregnation of wood protective equipment ... There are two ways to get round log is hand-TEC and sweeping the logs on the machine (cylindering).

Manual mec - time-consuming and expensive way.After manual processing is always valued more high-tech.You can whittle the log like an ax and a plane.When processing a plane, the beam previously purified from the bark of a hand scraper.

For manual scabbling pick mature softwood forest, aged 50 years and above.Pick up the trees about the same age and of the same relative size.The distances between the annual rings of the log are arranged more densely on the north side of the tree.This side beam put out, when building a house.Master picks up the logs in the co

nstruction of log alternately stacking thick ends of the logs into thin and vice versa.

When scabbling log ax , reduced porosity of wood, due to its sealed on all sides.Most running diameters of hewn logs - 24cm or 32cm, but you can cut down any log diameter.

Ins hand scabbling are:

  1. Processing trunks of any thickness.The larger the diameter, the warmer it will be a house;
  2. saved outer layer rich in resin, which protects the timber from the weather;
  3. With manual processing the logs, there is a uniform drying of the timber and logs smaller cracks.
  4. Using various types of felling ax, you can decorate your home with different ornamental or narrative thread.

hand scabbling disadvantages are:

  1. zatrachivaniya longer to process logs
  2. on drying (maturing and) natural method of large diameter logs, leaves and a half or even two years.
  3. Presentation of chopped logs yield of logs

When you build a log house of hewn logs, the gaps between crowns moss or oakum paving.Prokonopachivayut and notching the corners.Ready carcass during the year shrinks.A year later, to produce, more konopatku seams combed tow.Sometimes caulk and have twice.When all the slots are closed, well-kept house warm.

live in a wooden house nice, because wood is a natural material, it always pleases its warmth