Insulation baths

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01 June 2016

to heat from the steam bath not care, you need to install pier heat-insulating lining that protects from entering the cool air.Since the thermally insulating material does not directly contact with hot air, then there is no fear for the liner material and its thermal stability.

Insulation baths insulation from inorganic materials

insulation baths of inorganic materials is the most durable.This insulation does not rot, resistant to fire and is destroyed by rodents.Such materials include glass and mineral wool, perlite, as well as products made from them.

insulation materials based on organic raw materials

It is made from the waste produced during wood processing, also from peat and reeds.This wood fiber, peat, reed and wood particle boards.Their size and purpose are different.Also, similar to the materials for insulation are ranked kostramitovye, wood-concrete, fibrolitovye plate and manufactured based on straw, flax and wood waste.Fire-protection provided to them by special trains.

insulation in the bath an

d its material can be made on the basis of plastics

total there are three types of materials: 1. foam (foam);2. porous (cellular plastics);3. Cell (honeycombs).Such materials possess low bulk weight.Thermal insulation, which is based on such materials, especially high quality and is resistant to moisture.

foam polystyrene used for insulation (type PS-1 and PS-4), penopolivinilhlorid (types of PVC and HRP), polyurethane (PU-101).There are foams produced by fenolformaldegizhnyh resins and penfenolplasty (FF, FC, FS) and mipor cellular plastics, MPA.

insulation of walls and ceilings made using rigid and semi-rigid mats and slabs of mineral and glass wool.Plates are fixed in the cavity of the carcass clamping crosspieces of wood.Chipboard and wood fiber boards with mineral wool and polystyrene are used for lining the dressing room.Steam bath to finish such plates is impossible, since they can easily ignite, moreover, they are hygroscopic.

fibrolitovye and reed plates are used for thermal insulation in areas where the outside air temperature is not lower than -17 ° C.These boards are relatively cheap and have good thermal insulation properties.

as insulation material used wood chips.Moistened with a solution of cement, lime and plaster chips or sawdust is well insulated walls and ceiling