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01 June 2016

After a long search in 2008 azemskov finally found what he was looking for.I found the perfect place not far from Moscow.

small plot - 6 acres in the CHT, 18 km from Moscow.From the house 40 minutes during rush hour.It is located on a hill, which offers a beautiful view.The site is located on the edge of the village, cars are passing rarely.Up to 150 meters of the river and surrounding beauty.

for the site zemskov paid 2.6 million. Rubles.including electricity - three phases, gas, summer water from the well.And, most importantly, there is the picturesque place.

Project Selection and materials

first azemskov wanted a house with a basement floor, which could build a garage for two cars.But after a forum member Kubarik made it a project with a ramp for cars, it became clear that the project will have to change, because the ramp takes up space on the already small area.At the request of azemskov Kubarik remade project Finnish warmed plate.

When the conversation went about the walls of the fu
ture house, azemskov long time to choose between gas concrete and ceramics.But after talking with the manager of the exhibition Tula ceramics factory, which offered a good price on this material, it has ceased to hesitate and bought ceramic blocks.

Thinking, what material do overlap - from the monolith or plates - he saw the offer from Ryazan plant reinforced concrete slabs of the PNA.He liked the working conditions and, of course, price.But the fact that he bought them in the winter, when there were discounts and pick up in April.

Foundation.Construction of the Finnish warmed plates

Building of his home azemskov began in May 2010.For its construction, he hired two Tajiks with payment to 1 000 in 12 hours.

he acquired for the construction of a rotary laser level Bosch for 30 000 rubles.

work began with the layout of the basement.For two weeks by two Tajiks was dug pit.The soil at the construction site consists of a 25 cm layer of fertile, followed by loam - 50 cm, and more solid clay.The height difference the soil at the construction site is 60 cm.

Along the perimeter of the foundation he laid water pipe HDPE 40 mm to a depth of 2 meters.Lay pipes HDPE 40 mm cable for electrical cables.Pit cover with geotextile 350.

build a drainage with two inspection wells.Geotextile asleep rubble limestone 20-40.

If you ordered gravel or other material, not the fact that it will deliver at the appointed time.Therefore, do not order the same time schebёnku and Vibrotehnika, or may incur losses.

azemskov ordered two organizations rubble and could not get it, then he just agreed with Kamaz drivers who brought schebёnku without delay.

in compacted gravel workers dug trenches, poured sand bed and laid pipes with a bias.Rubble covered the top 350. Top geotextile geotextile poured sand - 20 cm and carefully stamped it.

After laying communications and training bases in the sand dug a trench under the edges of the plate.Then the workers began to gluing of the boxes at the edges of the plate Epps.Bottom Epps used Styrofoam 500. But mostly used Tepleks 35. As the adhesive used Penosil and Insta Stick.

Laying floor heating and reinforcement plates

For laying floor heating azemskov purchased Bay PEX hose 20 mm x 480 meters.More rented a pump to the system "warm floor" after installation.The cost of rent was 500 a day.

floor heating pipes with a diameter of 20 mm increments for workers laid 150 mm and fixed on Epps.After the installation and test tubes warm floor workers have begun laying wire mesh.Under floor have finished reinforcing mesh 6 mm and the width of the cell was 150x150 mm.By fitting it acquired special stand made of plastic, but they were weak, quickly broke under her weight.

Pouring plate

In fill plate ordered 32 cubic meter of concrete M - 350 P3 (concrete taken from the reserve).This process involved 8 people.In fill plate they took 3:00.Excess concrete poured, and the rule was removed, along with the remaining cube into the parking lot for cars.Another line taken away cubic mixer.

Initially expected by pouring concrete used sectional 5 meter screed, but she could not stand and broke, so I had to put beacons from a distance of 1.5 meters, and after pouring shoot.

During pouring of concrete in one place raspёrlo formwork.Marriage noticed in time and put the rail in place.
After the second car broke down concrete.We had two of the mixer to pour a tray.And for the pump to pay the full rental price for the change.Measurements have shown a horizontal plate differential of +/- 1 cm.

For grouting plate he rented a "helicopter".Rental unit it cost 2000 rubles.2 days + disk 3 000 rubles. = 5000 rubles.for grout.It overwrites itself, to get the perfect surface.

For grinding "helicopter" invites experts - professional.Just take and grind fail.

materials for the construction of insulated slab foundation and its total cost

To set the warm slab foundation azemskov used:
  • Epps Stayrafon 500 - 6.6 cubes and glue the total cost - 31 500 rubles;
  • Epps Tepleks 354 100 mm.- 30 cubes with blind area cost - 92 000 rubles;
  • Sand - 39 cubic meters of value - 20 500 rubles;
  • Rubble - about 133 cubic meters of value - 125 000 rubles;
  • all these details: fungi for Epps, foam, couplings for drain, geotextile, well, the audit drainage pipes HDPE, drainage, cost - 50 000 rubles;
  • Concrete - 32 cube value - 90 500 rubles;
  • Stands fittings cost - 3000 rubles;
  • Fittings cost - 60 000 rubles;
  • Warm floor vodorazvodka total stoimsotyu - 70,000 rubles.
Total - 542 500 rubles.

Rental equipment:
  • Rent "helicopter" - 3500 rubles;
  • Concrete - 15,000 rubles;
  • Tamper - 5000 rubles;
  • Opresovschik heating - 500 rubles.
Total 24 000 rubles.

pay workers is not counted (pay by the hour).To order the production of warm slab foundation with the specialist will cost - 2000 rubles.for m / 2.

Delivery ceramic blocks

Ceramic blocks azemskov bought in February at a discount - the stock 1600 rub.per cubic meter + shipping 500 rubles.cube, total work - 2100 rubles per cubic meter.

On the first floor he ordered three trucks - 72 pallet.The length of the truck 13 meters, drive to the site, she could not.Therefore, for the transport of pallets to the site at a distance of 700 meters had to order a crane KAMAZ 10 ton crane boom at 8 tons for 9500 rubles.change.

manipulator arrived on time and waited for 4 hours until podedut truck with blocks.It turned out that the manager messed up time.


Before laying the blocks made of waterproof roofing material.Technology laying blocks is that workers first lay a plastic net with a cell 5 by 5 mm, and has put it on the solution and the next block.To strengthen the masonry walls of reinforced through every third row of masonry net 50 50 4 mm wire.If you use ready-laying masonry mixture M 200.

Tajiks caught competent and tidy, learn to read blueprints.Their hourly rate, so they are not in a hurry, try, lay blocks efficiently.Everything is done as to say azemskov.They are like an extension of his thought.In short - friendly and smart Tajiks.

porous ceramic blocks with the grooves on the ends of a size - 490h235h220 mm.When installing the side seams are not filled with a solution.Wall thickness 235 mm is obtained.

Acquired ceramic blocks have a poor geometry, which is why the seams a little walk.To control the size of stitches azemskov gave workers a profile fitting to put it on the corners.Check laser rotatsionnikom confirmed that work is done efficiently.All angles 0. Sutures obtained width - 10 mm, and where there is a reinforcement of the grid - 15 mm.

Following the discussion at the forum - zapenivat or not the vertical joints, he decided that the poor will not do, and in any case conducted an experiment zapenil seams.

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