A fence of corrugated board.

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01 June 2016
The heat had to work from 6 am to 9 am and in the evening from 20 to 21. If the heat pestered day, in the evening he overcame horseflies.After installing pillars skven did cross between the posts.

finished with the installation of poles for the fence, he proceeded to install the pillars for gates and wickets.Poles gate and bottom gate he combined area of ​​50 mm.For this trench dug to a depth of 40 cm and a width of 30 cm and filled with concrete.

be sliding gates and pillars - the brick.Before you lay out the pillars, he did mortgages for gate and gate.And when the rough pillars were set, he began to sew up the fence with the front of the plot, and then the side of the plot.Fence inside painted bright paint.


the weekend skven started manufacturing the gate.For door frame, he took a profiled tube 50-25.For wicket used profiled pipe 40h20,15h15 and 50 fifth lane.

When making the gate first frame of welded tubes 40-ki.The inner perimeter adjacent to the front side of he welded pi
pe of 15 mm.To her, he riveted corrugated board.And that was not visible seam between the two pipes, the front side, he welded metal strip.Only it has not been done on the hinge side.To the gate was finished, left to buy the castle and pens.

foundation gate

to make sliding gates, he dug a hole under the base gate.Initially, there was solid dry clay, and then it became easier.And so it became a bit cool - 30 - 32 degrees - it went fast.

Dig a hole, he bought a 20-th channel length of 2.60 meters.Two meters for the mortgage and 60 cm below the motor.The long channel bars, he made eight holes with a diameter of 16 mm for fixing rollers.As a result, I spent four drills, one burst, and two burned.

Then he screwed the bolts mortgages and picked them for reliability welding, welded the two channels, and large welded fittings.

On the following weekend, he found a hole dug in the level and parallel poles mortgage channel and filled with concrete.Concrete prepared using a mixer.In total it took 1.7 cube of concrete.It took 12 batches mixer.Three weeks later, when the concrete has hardened, he continued to work.

second wicket

Next weekend he made his second wicket.It is made of the same materials and the same technology as the first.Both designs he proshkuril, prime and paint.Then, I set the gate into place and dokrasil it completely.As for the first wicket, for her to buy the handle and the lock.

Stiffness in was a good wicket.And to set the handle and lock it plans to weld the metal rectangular plate and have it fix the lock and handle.


The next weekend he started to make a save.For this acquired profile size 60h40h20 meters, which are welded frame.To the main six-meter beam welded profile tubes.When everything was done, I skven it painted and placed on rollers.After installing the woodwork, he painted them.Profiled on the gate is attached in the same way as on the gate.

Because of the hot summer fence built in the mornings and evenings from April to August and is considering a temporary power outage (about two months).At the gates it spent about a week.The cost of materials for the gate was - 24 000 rubles.Of those, set for sliding gates: rail, two rollers, catchers - 10 thousand rubles.Wicket - 3 000 rubles.

Total for the construction of the fence of corrugated length of 160 meters, two gates and sliding gates have been spent without engine - 165 000 rubles.

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