Fitted bathroom

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01 June 2016
floor bathroom

Fitted bathroom Stanislav started from the floor.With the construction of the house was not quite done pretty sewer, it was decided to beat her step, which was built mini formwork and filled with a solution (not very strong, so that if necessary it quickly dismantled).

Then he bought a floor tile.For proper fit, and her choice of sticking angle in relation to the walls, he first laid it on the floor to try on, and then pasted over the entire floor area.

Working with ceiling

beginning Stanislav planned to make the ceiling of the metal rods of gold color, but unfortunately not found.Plastic was immediately rejected, then we decided to use the FCL, with acquired normal, not water-resistant.Because of this error, he had to use a water-resistant putty with glaze several times primed with acrylic paint in the hope that it will not allow moisture to penetrate the material.But it's best to just buy waterproof GCR.

GCR he secured to the metal profile, all seams and proarmiroval fib
erglass putty.Once everything has dried painted with two coats of white acrylic paint.

texture of the ceiling he made a rough antique decorative plaster special, water-resistant putty from Meffert-Design.And then the entire ceiling covered with 3D glaze patina effect, from the same manufacturer.

the same time to address the issue with decoration mauerlat, it was screwed GCR in two layers, and a monolithic reinforced belt was stuck a plastic windowsill wood.Then it will be possible to arrange all sorts of hygiene.

Laying tiles on the wall

For walls Stanislav purchased mosaic wall tiles under the Spanish production.Tile size 35x35 cm, of 64 small plitochki of 4.38 cm in length, the height of each.lsagan tiles liked - it shimmers.It all depends on the angle at which the light falls.Tiles on the wall, he slowly pasted, because doing it the first time and without mounting crosses

In conclusion, it has processed seams on the floor and on the walls.Acquired fan, cabinets, plumbing.Mounted door, radiator, towel

That's what happened in the end.

This is the first bathroom, which Stanislav have arranged their own hands.

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