Tips for warming a country house

By Admin | Building
01 June 2016

you finally decided to insulate his country house?Fine.Now it is necessary to understand where and how the heat away from your home.Through the ceiling, floor, walls, and all sorts of gap we lose precious heat from our house, and our goal is to minimize the heat loss from our monastery.It is no secret that the larger the area, the home loses heat faster.Building out the house or porch utility room significantly reduces heat loss, but if you do not want such drastic changes to your home, then you should think about how to competently and reliably insulate it.

Warming of the roof

poorly insulated roof takes us about ten percent of the heat.So first of all take up the insulation of the roof.So, what to choose insulation materials?The first is to note that the service life of these materials depends on external factors - temperature, exposure to wind and snow loads.When you select should pay attention to the fact that the materials should be water resistant and does not emit into the environment caust

ic odors and toxic substances, so it should be noted that all the materials must comply with fire safety requirements.Use in roofing insulation polymer materials is not the most rational decision asThey have the property of increased flammability, and you have to take serious measures to improve the fire safety of your home.Therefore, the optimal solution for the villa roof insulation is rock wool, which is designed for thermal insulation does not load the structure.

Wall insulation

Usually, gardeners insulated their homes, putting under the cladding or roofing material roofing felt, however, these measures save more in the wind, and not retain heat in the house.The best thermal insulation material is of course a tree, but it has some significant drawbacks.Wood is flammable, susceptible to the harmful effects of pests, as well as can rot from the constant exposure to moisture.Therefore, selecting insulation for wooden houses, we take as a basis for increased fire resistance material.As is the case with the top best solution would be to insulate the walls with stone wool.

same brick wall in contrast to wood have a high thermal conductivity, and if the house in winter long was not heated, then it is necessary to warm up for at least two days.If the walls are made of foam, you will be able to warm up the house faster.

So, we proceed directly to the insulation.Initially you have three ways by which you can warm your home.Outside, inside or else inside.Most often used for warming a country house used method of external insulation.First option: the very support structure is fixed insulation is then applied adhesive composition with reinforcing mesh, and then everything is covered with several layers of plaster.The second option: the insulation itself is attached to the anchor with a hinge, placed on top of a welded stainless steel mesh, and a reconciliation of closing a thick layer of plaster.

You can insulate the wall with curtain wall.The idea of ​​the design is simple in the extreme - between the insulation and rain screen (outside of the facade) is a so-called air gap that allows water vapor and moisture to go smoothly, preventing the outward appearance of mold and mildew.Sam heater must have a long service life and fully comply with fire safety requirements.It could not be better suited for this purpose stone wool insulation.

Warming of the floor and walls

important stage warmers your home is insulation interior walls, floor and basement.For this as well as possible, by the way, fit insulating lightweight insulation.By the choice of the insulation for the basement should be approached more carefully becauseit affects not only on the thermal insulation of your home, but also on the safety of supporting structures.Carefully insulate all areas of the foundation in contact with the ground, you will save up to 40% of the outgoing heat from the house.

Winterizing windows

It is through the window slit you lose the greatest amount of heat.In order to minimize the window heat loss, it is advised to install windows with three-layer glazing or window with a special heat-reflecting coating.

Explore the connecting point to the walls of windows.Usually, it is through these slots out heat, just check to see whether the shows through the slit between the glass and the frame, and if noticed "leak" just change the glazing beads.

Once again, we would remind you that in many respects the warmth and comfort of your home depends on the selected materials for insulation, high-quality and well-chosen materials will provide you and your home warm for many years