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01 June 2016

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search Houses were held in North Karelia.For residential buildings, Rodik sought the perfect plot of land that meets the following criteria:

  • far should be a lake or river.
  • large area - not less than 3000 m2.
  • around to be a forest.Near
  • have to be expensive.
  • presence of electricity.
  • site should be dry.
  • should be located next to any locality.

Two weeks later found Rodik site.Free from the built-up area - you can take the land as you want.Near the river, where the fish.The location is on a hill, surrounded by pine forest.The nearest settlement and to the road - 100 meters.

like Earth, so he began to make inquiries in the local architectural department.Officials said that the lands belong to the land settlement and if to buy land for the purpose of individual housing construction, you can count on 1500 m2, and if private farming, it may allocate up to 10 000 m2 of land.

To understand this part of it is suitable or not, Rodik invited his pal electrician - to find out the possi

bility of an electrical outlet.That upset him that, if connected to a nearby house, then he will be voltage of 160-180 volts and 5-10 kW but there is another option - to hold its VLEP 300 meters with installation of KTP.

two weeks, he thought, and weighed the pros and cons, consider the costs and finally decided - will buy the land and build the spring of 2008.

In September 2007, he wrote a statement for the purchase of land.According to regulations of the local administration gives an advertisement in a newspaper and puts land up for sale.For a month the site is not sold, so he was given permission to rent under construction.

With all the collected documents, he went to an organization that is engaged in registration areas.There's promise in a month to prepare the appropriate documents.After a month in the organization Rodica told that he can not buy a plot, because the site is outside the boundaries of the red line of the general plan of the village, and he will be beaten out from the general architectural plan.

The local administration gave him a certificate stating that if Rodik acquire this land, nothing bad will happen to the architectural appearance of Karelia.With this certificate, things went on, and the site was purchased.

Plans house

As long as the winter home of the future plans were formed.Rodik thinking to build a two-storey house.In it will be a kitchen, dining room, living room, study, bedroom, bathroom on each floor and in addition the gym.He immediately gave up such luxuries as turrets, bay windows, as well as large rooms of 30 m2.

walls of the first floor will be built from stone and the second - of aerated concrete.I found a free designer who took all draw and calculate.I found a suitable house project on the Internet and give the designer along with their wishes.The project cost was 60 000 rubles.In early May, the project house was ready.In the future, when building a house, it became clear that the project is placed on a solid four.

epic of electricity

Since Rodik decided to buy the land and wanted to electricity is supplied smoothly and in the right amount, it had to build their VLEP length of 300 meters and to install in sets of 40 kW.

During acceptance of the object required to grant a license of the company that carried out the work.Had her "get."According to official papers claimed 15 kW, and in fact you can take it all in sets of 40 kW, only need to pay.I must say in advance that the night rate at the time was 24 kopecks.1 kW, so the heating of the house was carried out at night.

it went to, without delay, he hired privately local electricians.I spent a lot of time and effort.Spending on the installation of KTP totaled 400,000 rubles.and that without bribes.But the fact that each pillar, an insulator, a traverse or bolt must have its own certificate.Always conduct the examination, inspection, etc.Only for connection in sets twice visited the laboratory, which did not give permission until you have eliminated all the deficiencies.

garage - the first building on the site

While conducting electricity, Rodik did not waste time and in June started the construction of the garage.As the foundation decided to make the plate 6x7 m, thus it was possible to do in the garage floor and save on this, and for the construction of walls penopolisterolbeton bought.To operate power tools from their neighbors spent an extension cord with electricity.

to build a garage converted to a local company.The cost of the garage turnkey made 300 000 rubles.It should be noted that the workers keep an eye, so they strive to break the technology.So, slowly, they handed over the garage at the beginning of July 2008

In place of the garage company drove heavy construction equipment - excavators and two KAMAZ.And this is just to remove 15 cm of fertile land and uproot about five stumps.

to appliances not in vain idle, he used it to prepare for the future of the pit house.Master of administrative work, began to be indignant, saying that the construction of machinery for the garage, but not at home.But Rodik estimates showed the contract for the construction, which noted that the rental equipment was performed for 12 hours.After preparation of the site for the garage started the trench home.

Drivers KamAZ and excavator were not angry and dug a pit with no problems.Some have moved to the edge of the ground area and the other part of it was taken off-site.The amount of soil was taken out 300-400 m3.The size of the excavation house 15h14 m.

then the foundation is required to cushion ASG 0.4 m, or about 100 m3 with a seal.And as close to 5 km, was a quarry, he immediately dispatched KamAZ loaded and local DRSU compactor rented for a day.And so did a pad of ASG.

course, seal it did not work in layers, because they do not keep up with the approach of cars.But as the marketplace idle two more months, during which time the rains have done their job and the soil compacted.

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