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01 June 2016

As you know, one of the necessary facilities in the country - this suite.The result of reflections on the subject for kidar was the idea of ​​"play-closet."The main idea is that being in the closet, you do not feel an unpleasant smell.And it happens at the expense of air movement from the door to the hole in the sump, and thence to the chimney.His project he realized in 2006.

device toilets

First of all, he dug a sump depth of 1.5 m and a cross section of 1x1 m. Overlaid it inside concrete sleepers on top of them and made waterproofing.Then, from the cast-iron pipes of 100 mm diameter piles built, installed in them reinforcement and filled with concrete.For fixture of 100 mm welded corners to secure the frame of the toilet.To assemble the frame using 25 mm metal corners.Metal frame before installation has been cleaned of rust and paint and are painted in white.

On the floor in the bathroom, he spread a sheet of iron 8 mm thick.This he secured to 4 screws.All he closed the gap to complete
isolation from the smell of the sump.Paul painted gray paint.

frame toilet he sheathed white clapboard, and the roof is made of 10 mm polycarbonate.Wall paneling is fastened with screws through the plates of roofing iron."Floating" mount promotes reliable locking gap is eliminated and the strain at the temperature expansion and contraction.

to extract air from the cesspool he uses a black metal pipe.The pipe diameter of 100 mm and a height of 5 meters.The lower part of the pipe begins at the top of the sump.

To prevent odor in a toilet at the bottom of the floor he built an air valve with a metal skirt height 10 cm. This smells do not get into the room, and tightened into the chimney.The door to the toilet is closed due to the force of gravity.

Pros "backlash-closets»:

  • no odor;
  • Due to the transparent roof and white walls a light in it;
  • self-closing doors;
  • It is easy to clean;

garden compost kidar built in 2005.With its construction kidar would solve several problems, such as:
  • It was necessary, first of all, to have a place for the storage of plant residues;
  • Upon receipt of your compost, you can save on the purchase of manure;
  • It should not take much space on the site;
  • very important that it is convenient to lay the grass departed;
  • prepare the masses should be easy to get out a composting unit;
  • compost should have a normal appearance.
Construction compost

To solve these problems kidar decided to build a pipeline for the production of fertilizers.To this end, he collected the metal container and attach it to the fence.Dimensions compost made about 2,1h1,5h0,8 m (HWD).The volume of the compost container - 2,5 cube.On the walls he Navariya metal sheets and then strengthened them with metal corners and channels.

To prevent corrosion of the metal walls on the inside he is a self-adhesive roofing material pasted "Bikrost."For elegance container outside painted white.

after composting it easy to unload.For this purpose the bottom of the container has two reclining up door.After opening the door, you can easily fix the rod and, slowly, remove the finished compost.


collected on the site of vegetation need to throw a bucket into the upper load compartment.Thus there is no need for a thorough cleaning of the plant roots from the earth, because the presence of a small amount of land required in the compost.

About three times a season to accelerate the process and produce high-quality compost fertilizer he pours preparation "Baikal" and water.As a rule, for one season spent packaging 30 ml of concentrate.

Compost is loaded from above.And for those with a small increase near the compost made quickly appear shop.Just a flick of the wrist bench folds quickly and becomes part of the fence.

After the summer season in late autumn kidar opens doors compost, located on the ground level.Rake and shovel overrotten product.It takes place excavated compost remaining compost, which descends by gravity.In this part of the finished compost remains and serves as the basis for new waste processing for the next year.


fresh and fairly active humus does not go directly to the cause, and spreads in an area where there are no lawns and plants.After lying all winter, he comes to the desired condition, thereby improving the soil and making it fertile.Thus, in the spring of land ready for new planting.

benefit of using compost

place it takes a little bit - 1.2 m / s 2 in the corner of the plot;
At the end of each season kidar gets a 1.5 cubic meters of humus;
waste is very easy to download;
Soil quality is improved by its use, thereby increasing the yield;Now
manure to fertilize the soil rarely sold;
All organic waste is not in a landfill, and compost;
Finished compost can be easily removed
Appearance compost pleasing to the eye.

Kuz Nicholas and his

gazebo on the plot in Kuz Nikolai almost no buildings, so he decided to build a gazebo for relaxing.

After deciding he drove to the market and bought two sheets of 40 mm polycarbonate and metal profiles - 40h20h3mm.I decided to build a gazebo 4x4 meters.The height from the ground to the roof from 2 to 2.8 meters in the skate.

arrived to the country, he made the marks on the ground, drilled holes for pillars depth of 1.2 m. The laying in the pit valve, installed poles and filled with concrete.

After installing roof pillars he started.The hardest thing, it turned out, bend the three metal profile of the same radius, but with this it is safely managed.To polycarbonate roof gazebo does not bend, he stressed roof frame bars.

Along the perimeter of the entire framework, he fitted a garden gazebo grid.On it will be twisted vine.The walls of the gazebo, he sheathed the inside lining to a height of 1.2 m. Assembled with their hands table and benches.

around arbor planted wild grapes.On the floor in the gazebo temporarily spread a carpet.

How bent pipe

He was well ring with a diameter of 1.5 m. It lay on the ground.Then he took a crowbar and hammered one end into the ground and the other tied to the ear ring with a gap - 25-30 mm.In this gap, he inserted the tube and slowly are bent.Profile was folded every 40 cm.

as a template for bending the profile he used the figure on the ground.Bent profile and puts to compare to the template.Places where nedognuli or went too, marked with chalk and dogibali.


  • Two sheets of polycarbonate cost - 5000 rubles;
  • Connector - 800 rubles;
  • Bearing poles 6 pcs.length of 2.1 m;
  • Jumpers arc of 50 m. 60 rubles.m / 2 - 3 000 rubles;
  • 20 sq / m and 6 lining boards 150h50 mm;
  • bag of cement;
  • Gravel, sand, pruning fittings, nails, screws.
Total expenses amounted to approximately - 18 thousand rubles.

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