The equipment for Russian bath

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01 June 2016

first to place bath

a minimum room should consist of two rooms (rooms) - from the changing room and a washing room with steam room, or three rooms where steam and washing arranged separate rooms.

equipment bath

to equipment for Russian bath include: furnace-heater and boiler for hot water, two tubs of water (one cold, the other - hot) or metal tanks, two or three wooden gang (by the number of family members), two or three basin (sink and parks feet), one or two bucket for bottling water.

Furniture for bath

to the necessary furniture include in the dressing room - couch, two seats on the bench, a shelf at a height of 1.7-1.8 m, coat rail for street clothes;in the steam room and washing -one or two benches, shelves at a height of 1.5-1.6 m in the wall near to the stove.The design of the bench and a shelf nail heads should be recessed to prevent burn washable.

In the dressing room, you can even put a table with four chairs.But it is necessary to increase the size of the changing room.


version of the device sauna ovens lot.Each developer oven can arrange differently, given the size of the bath and steam room, number of family members.By Material stove are of stone, brick, sheet steel or a combination of steel sheets with brick lining.

stove "black" are currently used infrequently.In the case of devices stove "black" does not make it out of the stone, and brick.The stones for the stove is placed in a brick fence on the grid, welded steel rods with a diameter of 18-24 mm.At the same time the flame and smoke pass between the rocks and heat them.With insufficient heating stones at them settle part of the smoke which are emitted with the steam in the steam room and contaminate the shelves and benches.

To prevent this, every time the furnace-heater must be well to heat, all the stones in the furnace is well ignited to crimson glow.The entire organic and smoke particles are burned without forming a black coating.And it follows that when applying a thick layer of stones upper stones are heated worse.To make sure that there is enough protoplena oven, and calcined upper stones, they should be brought to the crimson glow that is possible at a temperature of 500 degrees.

To avoid smoke stones, sometimes they are placed on an iron plate or a steel tank, and the movement of smoke through the chimney organize.When placing the stones in a steel tank or iron plate of warming is slower, it may be that evaporation is insufficient.But dirty smoke particles from the steam in the steam room to fly will not.So every time it is necessary to oven-stove well heated dry firewood.

To reduce smoke in indoor baths, arranged "black", over the stove, the stove is installed umbrella sheet steel exhaust pipe and the valve to close the exhaust hole after firing furnace.

What stones are used for oven stove

Apply boulders the size of a fist and a formed from volcanic rocks collected on the banks of rivers or brought glacier.Accepted laid in the lower layers of large stones (15-20 cm diameter), and the upper layer finer.Do not use rocks formed from sedimentary rocks (sandstone and limestone), which on heating and irrigation water to quickly crack.Silicic stones are not recommended since they are at too rapid cooling water crack.

When the heater unit can be used in stone filling pieces of iron and steel.They should be stacked vertically so that they blocked the flow path of the combustion products.

stones stove burst during continuous operation, the space between the stones clogged with small particles.Therefore, the furnace-heater is necessary to arrange so as to be able to periodically clean the bulkhead and stone backfill.

Fuel for the stove

as firewood for heating stove is not the last value.Recommended firewood from hardwood: oak, birch, apple, etc., as they are the most calories and less of smoke when burning.Not recommended firewood from softwood (pine and spruce) as resinous form smoke.From low-calorie hardwood firewood from linden, poplar - bad calcined stones.

To use coal or peat at the furnace stove is not recommended.When the furnace furnace coal is difficult to control the end of the furnace does not exclude the formation of carbon monoxide.In addition, at high temperatures rapidly destroyed oven, grates and elements made of rolled steel applied to the side of the chamber.The chimney for the stove in all variants cross section must be at least 14x27 cm.

If the warm stones and the room will be applied electric heating elements, it would take the power of these devices at the rate of 1.5 kW per square meter of floor steam room.

When using private bath, it is possible to use in the sink and in the steam room fees herbs, flavorings and other beneficial and therapeutic substances.It was found that the use of solutions and inhalation of therapeutic agents in the bath conditions cures of certain diseases and to facilitate health.But in order not to harm the health, such issues need to be addressed with experts