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01 June 2016
The area was not yet full power, and after the completion of the garage construction stopped.But work on the installation in sets continued, and the actual electrical connection at the site is expected in a month.

Search foreman

constantly supervise construction site Rodik could not to go to work - to earn money.So I began looking foreman, spoke with the locals, and they have given the coordinates of a single person.

met, he saw a man of retirement age, with higher education in construction and everything worked in the construction field.At the meeting it was clear that he refers to his companion with a grain of salt.Later he told me that he is often deceived in the perestroika era.

After a job offer he took the project and promised to give an answer within a week.After a week, he agreed to head the construction site.Rodik called the value of its fee and the foreman agreed.

First Agreement for the installation of the foundation.Foreman immediately made a list of necessary materials an
d tools.I outlined what days will work, and how many people will be hired for this purpose.Workers decided to call from local residents.

Fill preparation for the foundation

Finally, in early August, was put into operation in sets, and construction could begin.According to the project the foundation - a monolithic slab.To fill it initially make concrete preparations.For this purpose, the concrete grade M100.

Concrete decided to do it yourself.For this purpose, the construction company rented mixer - 0.8 m3 batch, amassed formwork, delivered cement, sand and gravel and 23 August, 8 hours poured concrete preparation.

week later began to seal the concrete preparation.To do this it was necessary to purchase bitumen primer, which is fused waterproofing.The store did not have it, then they bought on the advice of Seller bitumen mastic.But it was thick and badly applied on concrete.Then they lit it with kerosene, was a little better, but still when dry it peeled off in places.On the whole area covered with mastic, barely kept afloat waterproofing and it is bad, but because the top will be filled with concrete slab, they did not care.

When subsequently made waterproofing the walls, purchased bitumen primer - it is easy to apply and keeps well, and the price is cheaper by half.

Fill slab foundation

After two days began preparations for pouring the foundation slab.Initially, for half a day made formwork.Produced in two reinforcement mesh.The lower armature allowed D of 16 mm, and on top - D of 14 mm, 200 mm pitch everywhere.As a result, the foundation spent about four tons of reinforcement.

for ligament reinforcement foreman recommend using welding.Rodica took the objections of SNIP and showed a paragraph stating that the welding can be used for reinforcing the foundation.At the same time assured that cooking is an experienced welder and metal structure will not be affected, fitting lightly grab.Reinforcement made weekly, and turned out pretty well.

the end of September, when it is given good weather, no rain, was organized by the pouring of the foundation.According to the calculations required to fill a 32 m2 of concrete.With the foreman decided to fill one day.To do this, we put together a team of 10 people.Beginning at 07-00, and finished the night at 22-00.By the end of the work, all very tired and barely moved the legs.

After pouring the foundation Rodik decided to postpone further construction of the house until the following year.In the meantime, you can enjoy water supply.

Organization of water

Rodica Near the site of the river, but its water is not suitable for drinking, it is contaminated with particles of peat.In those places because of the cost of land reclamation project provided settlers have not been built, and the water from the peat bogs was straight to the river, carrying with them particles of peat.

from the well, he immediately refused, because his supervisor was a witness when the plant manager invited drillers, who found in the depth of the water unfit for drinking, but only for industrial purposes.

Then he questioned neighbors, they have a water supply.It turned out that all the wells are all good inflow of water.And the water in the form of a very clean and tasty.

After that decided to dig a well.Start Search teams in mid-October and hired two guys from the farm.When everything agreed, they stopped and brought concrete rings with a diameter of 1 m and a height of 0.9 m.

For payment agreed that for each payment lowered ring 3000 rubles.The guys working the first season, but already dug eight wells.From tools besides shovels, hand talc and the old pump they had nothing.Rodica had to give them a tool.

the beginning, for the first four hours, they passed three meters without setting rings and Rodik thought that the well quickly they govern.But in the process of digging a well, they often come across large stones, the size of the TV, which slowed the digging.And then suddenly the workers dug up the quicksand and the real problems began.

first had to install the ring using talc.Pass quicksand is difficult, but it's even more complicated by the large number of stones in your path.Every ten centimeter concrete rings rested on the rocks.If the stones are inside the ring, workers punch a hole drilled in it, we killed it anchor clings to the chain and talc stone was removed from under the ring.

Unfortunately, few stones were outside concrete ring, so the guys had to dig up and take them outside of the ring.Once during such an operation, one of the guys filled up with rock.It is good that the head remains asleep, and it was quickly dug.After this incident Rodik required for security purposes, so that during the digging of the well work at least two people.

Thus, working in quicksand up to his ankles in water, managed to besiege the rings 10 - 30 cm per day.The work was hard, but it was pure water comes as a tear in the well and gain quite quickly - is encouraging.For stimulus Rodik decided for each ring to be in the water, they pay personally for 5000 rubles.

In total, the well dug three weeks.The saga of the well ended suddenly - Rodik came to the area, and he said that the end of the work - ran into a rock.Rodik not immediately believe, first pump the water and climbed himself to check.And it boils down to the lower ring in the rock, and the bottom three beat fountain.

The next day, the workers did backfill rings.At the bottom of the pit poured 10 buckets of washed gravel, and that their work was finished.As a result, the ground dropped six rings, and one is left on the ground.At the bottom of the well water rose to two and a half ring.

Within two years of operation of the well water shortages occur, the water is always clean and tasty.The recently passed water for analysis, the results were beyond praise.

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