Erect porch

By Admin | Building
01 June 2016

In fact, a veranda is fairly simple in terms of construction, but it takes a certain area, and requires some financial costs.

Built the veranda If you're going to get a veranda, then it is best to build during the construction of the house.

Otherwise it is necessary to make the new building a docking an overall design.However, for the veranda should be not so much: flooring, racks, durable roof and foundation.

Particular attention should be paid to it is the roof, as due to poor roof harmful effects of natural rain can not be avoided.

Create porch requires prior architectural design, so without the help of specialized agencies and construction companies can not do.

In addition, for further extension is necessary to permit the chief architect of the district administration.For the authorization of the established sample, he should get a house project with an extension and paper, confirming your rights to the land plot.

Another essential fact for the construction of the porch is to agree with the author of the dra

ft amendments that had been made without his supervision.Finally, the finished structure (house + terrace) to register.

Built the veranda On the other hand, apart from the fact of paperwork in front of you and the designer is at least one more task.Veranda must comply with the visual style of the house.For example, a wooden veranda housing made of log and, with few exceptions, from the foam.

for brick and aerated concrete, brick homes are suitable, and even metallokarkasnye wooden outbuildings.

Despite the fact that the patio should not be load-bearing, like all buildings, many experts recommend to do for the extension and the foundation of the house of the same depth.

same experts believe that is firmly attached to the walls of the porch structure is not necessary.The required strength can be obtained, focusing on racks (poles) extension.However, if you are going to make your living room veranda, you have to take care of the foundation (as we have already mentioned), and the possible screens that are useful for an overnight stay in cold weather.

When the project is approved, it is important to consider all of the features used in construction materials.For example, a wooden frame will eventually subside.Hence, such bonding have porch to the house only after the completion of the process of settling.

In addition, experts advise to build the house in several stages, divided by the seasons.The foundation for the building and the porch is placed in the first season, the second makes the main box, and the third is the overall finish.Finally, after the end of these operations can be engaged in arrangement veranda.At least it sets the necessary furniture