Apartment or a house?

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31 May 2016

half months he was looking for land.Finally, making the long-awaited acquisition, he began to think - from which to build a house.As a result, it was decided to build from logs.The size of the house is 10x10 m with a loft and log diameter 22 cm.

site development

spring of 2009, Furniture maker came to the area, and everything is overgrown with weeds, it's all green mow and burn.Clean all debris from the site and cleaned as we could.


build a house, he started without the project.He hired a team and agreed that the superintendent will calculate everything and decide what will be the foundation.After making calculations, foreman said that the foundation will be 70 cm deep and 60 cm base. After listening to him, Furniturer thought that lack depth and decided to bury 90 cm or more to make the basement.

defined the tasks, the foreman drove an excavator who dug a trench width of 35 cm and workers lined the walls with shovels.The bottom of the trench carefully stamped.Tied

fittings and made the foundation formwork.We ordered the mixer and poured the foundation of the house.

Bay foundation began collecting formwork for knit cap and fittings.It took two weeks.Then fill cap made of concrete.Three days of his carefully watered.During the fill cap brought up the first batch of logs.I had to work for one day, and concrete is poured, and unload the logs.

bought on the site did not have a toilet, and that the workers did not dirtied, he built a civilian toilet - the first building.When workers poured the foundation and basement, he paid for the work and waited brigade, which agreed to collect the carcass.


long as the workers engaged in the foundation pit dug Furniturer a septic tank.At a depth of 2.4 meters, he came across the water.After that, he decided to dig a well, but until the fall threw it up.In September, I dig a hole and put 2h0,9 - five concrete rings.But one had to saw the ring to be shortened a bit.It spent two days and seven diamond discs.

Erection log

workers for the construction of a log house came with a week late.According to the agreement, they were to handle logs antiseptic that has been purchased in advance, but the workers have ignored these agreements, for which he miscalculated - received less provisions.A logs Furniturer antisepitroval himself.

The summer of 2009 was hot, and quickly logs chenille.To stop this process, Furniturer watered them - Sagus, Senezh Effo, LeAnn.In total, it spent 150 liters of fluid, but the benefit of this was small.

But despite the heat, the work moves.However, this did not disappoint Furniturer grace, and since he did not understand the construction of a log house, I decided to invite the help of other builders.They came, saw and asked: - Where dowels?

Then Furniturer calls the contractor, and the next day the mountain-hard workers had to dismantle the walls of the thirteenth to fifth crown.In what was spent 10 days, and the terms of their running out.

Meanwhile, rains, blackened logs, no electricity, and builders shamelessly harness gasoline, pollute land debris, burned neighbor counter, all ate pear trees, logs thrown in the mud, in general, complete bedlam.

To prevent this behavior, he began to go to the building site every day, and to control the process.Each log was checked for the presence of blue and wane.The fact that it was part of the logs from dead trees, neokotorye to wane, and some are rotten.Marriage was sent back and a replacement was brought in a few days.

Despite the strict control, the workers would try to use a defective logs, but these actions Furniturer cut short and his own bad overthrown logs from the wall.The workers, seen bothered to remake the walls, and they left openly kosyachit.

While workers laid logs, logs processed Furniturer Senezh Ultra Ognebio outside and inside.First watering of the sprayer, and then rub the brush.It spent 140 liters of the protective structure.

Finally, in October, the builders erected frontons.Under the contract the contractor had yet to lay the roof, but Furniturer decided not to hurry and to defer the matter until next year.

Here contractor remembered contract and Furniturer in response said that they were not able to take on board the rafters.In general, after a long "conversation" they have paid the money and left.

Then, to the house is not left without a roof for the winter, he hired a team, which is 60 000 rubles.this week has built a temporary roof and covered it with roofing material.

sanding and painting log

The following year he made Furniturer okosyachku two doors into the lobby and found them.After installing the door with his wife, they do sanding and painting the walls of the framework.

During the 10 days they were able to grind one wall and they painted it immediately.First Belinka Beis - to protect and antiseptic wood dried, and then glaze with decorative and protective properties to protect the wood from weathering.

Slowly, slowly, has been sanded and painted the whole house.During grinding the high sections of the walls had to put forests and Furniturer once fell from them, and the other - almost pierced the head of a nail.

need to work at height with insurance and helmet.


Along with painting the walls Furniturer searched for roofing material - metal roofing.As a result, the search took representative Tegola roof windows and metal roofing 145 m2.

After buying tiles started looking for roofers.The search began on the internet, searching for a team with positive reviews.By calling one of the ads, he spoke with the foreman.During the conversation they discussed the price and immediately started to work.

rafter system (it was made is not entirely correct), they remade for free.More put bolts to compensate for the load (due to fears that the rafters sag).

entire roof covered with metal tile it for a week, and this despite the 37 degree heat.While working to avoid sunstroke, irrigated with water from the well.Despite the heat, the work was done with appropriate quality.

Brigade Furniturer liked.The plans involve her and other responsible work.

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