Parking in the suburban area

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

Each faced the problem of parking the car in the suburban area.The simplest and, in fact, the preferred option is uncovered on a simple lawn.But that's one problem - the wheels on the grass are dents, eventually turning into a rut.In order to prevent this, the car park need to pave.Make it better, so that in the gaps between the stones grass grew.It will be quite practical, and the appearance of the parking will be much more attractive than the usual gray concrete pad.

Coverage of artificial concrete stones and looks well on its own, and in combination with emerald green grass looks simply amazing.Artificial concrete stones are available in different colors, and their rough and jagged edges make these stones look like natural.Sales are artificial stones, in appearance resembling granite.Such stones are best used for the paving of the parking lot.Stones, have smooth edges, stacked close to each other, can be tiled walkway that goes from the parking lot to the entrance of the house.And the one and the

other kind of stones has a generally uniform thickness, so the packing can be placed on their common sand cushion.

device twists and turns of the bridge for a car requires careful calculations.For example, when broken down the driveway and turning circle should be considered first and foremost the turning radius of the vehicle.One should not forget that the rear track is not always the same as the front track.Therefore, the roadway should be slightly wider than the car itself.

When the device walkways such problems do not arise.Nevertheless, the sharp turns and are best avoided.Where do without them fails, the paving is preferable to use these places special shaped stones of different configurations.If the sharp turns ordinary stones used rectangular formed on the outer radius wide enough stitches.Even the stones will lie firmly enough so to walk on this bridge is not very pleasant.In addition, when placing the stones "fan" spoiling the look of the track.

If the walking path near the house passes very close to the parking lot and access road in the area - right in the middle "main road", then the laying should begin with a pedestrian walkway.In the future, it was she who would guide the paving of the remaining zones.Sand bed can fall asleep immediately in all areas.With careful preparatory work process paving the footpath goes fast enough.Laying of artificial stone is desirable to produce a ligation joints.

When constructing a parking space should give preference to the pavement with grass.The proposed technology is paving notable for the fact that it allows the pavement to green without compromising its strength.Under construction parking, laying concrete blocks should be made so that between them were wide enough gaps in which would be free to grow grass.As the gasket between the stones are best used pieces of perforated chipboard.These pads absorb the first plants need moisture, but over time, when the grass take root and grow stronger, gaskets rot, providing additional plant nutrients