The construction of huts for rest

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31 May 2016
somehow suddenly, spontaneously, Venechka wanted to buy a plot and build a hut on it for the rest.And just then they sold the car, and free money burned hands.But the husband was against it, because they have lived in Moscow for a rented apartment on the salary fell by half and is therefore always free money may be required.

But she did not stop and continued to repeat his: that, they say, money can eat through everything, and will land and a house on it for the rest.

And then the crisis, land and building materials fell.She became even more tempting her husband to buy a plot near Ivanova.Friends live there, and the child to the grandmother constantly coming.In short, in Ivanovo have to come often and giving to relax and meet with friends is just what we need.

And when her husband realized after much persuasion that the object is useless - broke down and agreed to search the site.We hired an agent who offered them several options, but it's been bad sectors, and his services are refused.

site search

To find a nice soul plot had personally go to all the villages and interact with the locals.As a result of the search is 15 km from Ivanov to Moscow route was found a suitable piece of land suitable for the construction of a country house.They live a very friendly people and the village is convenient to take the bus into the city, so the child can himself from the village to come.

house on the plot was 3x5 meters, there was electricity - 1 kW.Price of the plot with the "house" was low and Venechka with her husband said he would think three days.During this time, my husband did not say a word, then she took the initiative.We called and told the owners that bought the site and is ready to transfer the advance.

After transferring the advance Venechka underway beginning to draw up documents of sale, and in late June, the site was purchased.After buying it literally settled on building a forum and start making the layout of the future house.

not understanding anything in the building, it carefully studied all the information on the forum and decided that her future home will be standing on a monolithic slab, because they have a high level of ground water table.The size of the house is 8x8 m.

site development

In early August Venechka received documents for the land and the house, and then decided to take a vacation for three weeks and begin to develop the site.

wells for water

to start building a house on a plot of needed water, and in the well it is not enough.Then Venechka invited a team of drillers and day, by hand, they drilled a hole depth of 15.5 m.

During drilling work request 20 150 rubles.This amount includes: pipes, filter and work.For pumping water submersible pump was purchased such as "The Kid" value of 1 000 rubles.and a hose with a rope for 800 rubles.

After tried first purified water, stunned with joy - it was purest, spring.And this despite the fact that the neighbors well has a depth of 19 m, but the water undrinkable - a few hours it begins to turn yellow, and green.

The construction

She hired a team of workers on Monday agreed with the foreman, on Tuesday morning begins construction of a house.On Tuesday morning, the builders arrived and started to mark the site.Then drove a tractor and took 20 cm of soil, and place it and the roots of trees and bushes.Earth tractor carried away in the lower part of the plot.When once again carried off the excess land, it is stuck in the valley and a half hours pulled themselves.

At this time, came first and the last car from the sand.The rest of the day the workers smoked and lounged.The next day came another car with sand.Since the land with a slope, I had to order a few more trucks with sand, but this time the car arrived on time without delay.On this day, as before, the workers shed and ramming the sand.

During this session, all working completely forgotten about the sewer pipe, and when reminded Venechka - they said that they knew nothing.Then she called the foreman - he replied that drive up to the plumbing, and, they say, everything will be fine.

Thursday morning arrives plumber, discusses what needs to Venechka pipe.She wanted to go after them myself, but he gave, saying that now he would go and buy the necessary pipe ... He appeared to only 18-00.

And the work at this time due to the pipe stop.While he was gone, she asked the workers to dig a trench for the pipes, they did everything right.Then came a plumber with pipes, put the pipe in the trench, and she and her husband buried them.The work lasted exactly 50 minutes.and for that plumber asked 1,250 rubles.for pipes and 4,500

Venechka decided that he wants too much, and eventually paid him less than he had expected.

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