LCD screen from the sun

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

In this article we'll show you how to quickly make low-cost, good-looking and original wooden screen on the window, instead use standard blinds or curtains banal.

you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Gruntubel - plane to fetch the trapezoidal groove across the fibers.
  2. Birch veneer thickness & amp; 襵 inches (1.27 cm.).Covered with polish, it will be very nice and "expensive" look.
  3. Rake poplar.
  4. polish or paint.
  5. brush and rags.
  6. Saw perform beveled 45 ° angle cuts or plane.
  7. circular saw.
  8. pneumatic hammer and nails (of course, you can use a normal hammer).
  9. Wood glue.

sequence of actions is:

  1. Determine what size screen you need.
  2. Make the outer frame of the screen, using the rail.Try the window, make sure that it is well suited in size (most likely, you will want to screen is removable and you at any time would be able to open the window).
  3. Use a circular saw for the manufacture of veneer blanks the screen of the appropriate size.Attach it to the frame to ensure that no mistake
    you with the dimensions.
  4. Decide how and where will be located the slot and apply the appropriate markup.
  5. Make slits using gruntubelya.Make sure that dust does not prevent you to stick to the line marking.
  6. After all the slots are complete, attach the screen to the frame using a pneumatic hammer.
  7. Apply varnish or paint.When the product is dry, hang it on the window.