The first years of a log house

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

House of logs However, all the above-mentioned positive features rustic wooden houses are the result of the correct construction and thoughtful arrangement of the heating system.

Typically, heating wooden structure is not much different from similar systems in homes made of bricks or blocks.

Home - an even distribution of heat sources

example, a fireplace can heat several rooms, and the installation in a room with a heating stove additional battery lead to the drying timber.The consequence of desiccation of logs is their fragility.

Another problem may be too much difference between the temperature inside and outside.

therefore hard to heat the house in its first winter is not necessary.Must stop at 15 degrees, as a further increase in temperature may cause cracks.The following year, a similar problem arises.

Many articles stated that the wooden house is different from the brick structures the ability to update their own air.True, but in the first years after the construction is not tightly closed log structur

e.In order to get rid of excess condensate, simply as often as possible to keep the doors and windows open.

Finally, shrinkage.The duration of this process - about 3 years.Many believe that at this time it is not necessary to carry out finishing work.However, wait for three years for the start of residence as something not very convenient.

therefore leave room for opening "slip".What does it mean?At the end of the logs created by a groove for bar 50x50 or 60x60 mm.Window or door unit is attached to this bar.This system allows you to deliver the unit from mechanical damage