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31 May 2016
Parents doxtor02 whole life wanted to have his dacha.Therefore, the spring of 2006 began to actively seek doxtor02 suburban area.When choosing a site had to be aware of the following requirements to his mother:

Cottage is sure to be in Moscow in the interval from 40 to 100 km, the size of not less than 10 acres, it should go to the public transport one must have electricity, water bodies, forests, and good roadto the entrance to his car.And in order to carry out his plan, he had a total of 8 thousand dollars.

Search suburban area

Since spring 2006 doxtor02 began to actively seek land for cottage through the newspaper from hand to hand, through a friend, and just on the weekends riding in a car.Searches were conducted at Riga, Minsk and Kiev direction.

Searches conducted in the spring and summer, have not yielded positive results.Meanwhile, his mom was looking through a section of Realtors.She was offered a lot, she agreed and made a deposit.

However, realtors, they went to inspect the site, loca
ted on the Minsk highway 54 km from Moscow near the village of Chapayevka.Sold plot has a size of 7 acres, all fenced.At the entrance gates are installed and the area was 4x4 trailer.Most of his parents like that from the station to take a bus for 3-5 minutes.to the village where there is a shop, and from there to the garden of 150 meters.And so they decided to purchase the land.

After buying the house was a question of which to build a house?Choose between the carcass and a log.Won parents chose a log house.We chose frame, because a second cousin doxtor0 involved felling homes, he is doing for 6 years.Brother chopped He helped raise the house.

house winter cabin.8 months to stand.Rigel on it is not only in a window box (tongue).Set in July 2007.


Before building a log house with his brother discussed the sizes 6x9 and started pouring the foundation.For the manufacture of formwork used doxtor02 b \ y EAF.Poles bury 50 cm apart granite gravel and sand cushion.Dimensions 60h60sm columns.Inside the casing up to the pillow he inserted roofing material, not to extruded cement.


With the construction of the wall was given the most difficult first crown, it had to be customized for the foundation with the help of a chainsaw, which bought in advance on the advice of his brother.Gradually, the crown of the crown wall climbing, grow, moss laid, which is purchased with the framework.

Logs were long and heavy, it was difficult to raise during the installation of the last two crowns, they have drawn two Tajiks.

second cousin greatly helped and after the construction of the framework.When you buy in the stores always chose quality materials, skillfully bargain with sellers who made concessions, and even once gave a nice bonus - the board.


Did crate on the roof, covered her ondulin, inserted windows, but later they rejected the hostess too small, little light is passed.I had to rearrange them on the second floor, and doxtor02 went to the market for large windows.

Before inserting windows in the window opening did chainsaw cuts and inserted dowel leaving the top and bottom space for shrinkage.

When, during the construction we are talking about accommodation fell by the way the van bought together with the site.In it it is placed 2-bedroom + cot clamshell, and the remaining workers were placed at the neighbors or cars.


After installing roof doxtor02 moved to the interior design.Here's the handy Present seller from the market and were presented - six-meter board width of 8-10 cm. A total of 75 pieces were donated.Some boards a plane slightly processed, then SENEZH and enough to cover the entire subfloor on the second floor, as well as sewing the gables on both sides.Large windows on the ground floor and on the second the old and young.

It's time to lay the finishing floor.His stele with clips, wedges and screws.To crack from dryness after it was easier to go through.Despite the objections of the parents did doxtor02 home insulation and foam insulation URSA.

Some construction costs :
  • Log cabin home doxtor02 has managed to 65tys.rub .;
  • 15tys.rub.- Shipping logs (unloaded themselves);
  • 20 thousand.rub.- A relative of the assembly together with a roof;
  • 21tys.rub.- Ondulin;
  • 2 cars sand - 3tys.rub.(Agreed with the driver);
  • schebёnka granite - 2 thousand. Rub. (Agreed with the driver);
  • windows 4 pcs.- 10 thousand.rub .;
  • URSA 4 rolls on - 1800rub.per roll;
  • 10 rolls of asphalt - 90rub.per roll;
  • 8 rolls of roofing paper - 200 rubles.per roll;
  • cube cut planed boards - 9 th. Rub.
got free: chipboard formwork, rebar, concrete mixer.

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