Summer kitchen

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31 May 2016
Member Forum Nuf-Nuf built his house in the suburbs, but now the story is not about the house, but the kitchen, which is in one of the terraces and the house is combined with the outer side of the house, overlooking the site.The house is designed for permanent residence and is located in the forest area.

Project cuisine

When designing the kitchen needed the most practical to organize a space where the food will be prepared and will be organized feast outdoors in the warmer months, regardless of the weather.The summer kitchen was built under the veranda, in order to preserve as much of the forest area.

In winter the kitchen was supposed to turn off the water and clean the dishes.Based on these requirements, it is constructed from durable materials and with one side adjacent to the front of the house, withdrawing deep into the site.As used roof terrace, which has a good waterproofing.

Summer kitchen

On a summer kitchen can be accessed directly from the ground floor, which houses the
cupboards for food, refrigerators, basement for preserving products.And from the main kitchen and dining area, you can go home through an open porch and down the stairs.

total area of ​​the summer kitchen of 32 sq.m.and is divided into two zones.In one preparing the food, and the other is a dining room with a table and benches.It summed up the summer kitchen: electricity, hot water and central drainage system.Gas in the house from a cylinder, it is located inside the house.Over time, the gas line fail.

Cooking assigned to a special area where there is a large table, stove and table with a sink, which is, on the other hand, plays the role of the bar.Both table collected from clinker brick and lined with ceramic tiles.On the left side of the table-grill plate is the chimney, and the right - a gas cooker.The project

kitchen should be fenced waterproof curtains.In addition, for the cold season provides heating infrared heaters, which will use the kitchen in the cold season and even in winter, but without water.

Currently purchased fabric with water-repellent and soil release is not difficult.There are companies that are engaged and offer adhesives for different types of fabrics.

Fire safety

To prevent fire design table plate is at a distance of 20 cm from the wall of the house.In addition, the wall of the house trimmed with two layers DSP, covered from top to asbestos sheets, and the gap between the table-plate and the wall is filled with basalt cloth.

To prevent fire and thought about the ceiling, and sheathed his two layers DSP, and plastered on top.Over the barbecue smoke detectors installed stainless steel tube sandwich that goes into the overall mine with heating pipes, and from there to the roof.

Bench top-plate is also a removable panel of a DSP and a painted "on the copper."If necessary, it can be removed to check the chimney.Barbecue obkladyvali refractory fireclay brick.

Place for eating located on a small podium of the decking.On it there is a large dining table and benches for 16 people.All the furniture is made up of larch, and year-round is a summer kitchen.Furniture was old and covered with artificial polyurethane varnish, forged fittings on doors.

During finishing summer kitchen used a lot of natural sandstone, all grounds around the house are made of limestone, and the walls are decorated with plinth "naked."The stones were placed in the cold-water-resistant glue "lock."The walls were covered with two layers of silicone varnish for stone, and the floor several layers of abrasion resistant polyurethane varnish on the stone.

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