How to achieve comfort in the bath

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31 May 2016

to bath was comfortable, and steam - it's nice, it is necessary at the design stage to take care of the layout of premises, purchase a good oven, arrange proper ventilation, choose a high-quality material to make a good thermal and acoustic insulation space and tasteful design the interior.

temperature and humidity

Home, which built bath - it is the heat that softens, cleanses and heals the body.To benefit the bath procedures and pleasure, it is necessary to maintain the desired temperature How to achieve comfort in the bath.

To control the optimal thermal conditions of a bath thermometer needs to be fixed at the level of the head.In no case do not use mercury thermometers.He can break, and mercury vapors are hazardous to health and does not appear naturally from the body.
To a person feel comfortable and cozy, the temperature of the bath is raised before bath procedures.

humidity in the bath determined hygrometer.It should vary between 40-70 grams of water per 1 kg of air.Too wet or too dry air in the bath creates discomfort.


Before build bathhouse, take care and choose a quiet place.During the construction of baths Think about the best way of sound insulation to make you comfortable rest.One of the sound-absorbing material is a soft wood with a rough surface.It absorbs and neutralizes the high-frequency sounds.Low-frequency sounds in the bath neutralizes the siding if the logs between her and a layer of mineral wool or air.

How to arrange the ventilation in the steam room

to everything Bath has a very important ventilation.First, by proper mixing of air in steam is set approximately the same temperature as above, so below.And secondly, the fresh air is supplied, that is not cool, with proper ventilation and contributes to a comfortable stay in the steam room.

Here are a few options for ventilation : How to achieve comfort in the bath

  1. Downstairs, behind the stove Do the inlet.Cold air entering the bath is heated and rises to the top, then cooled, it is lowered and enters the outlet located directly in the floor.From there through the pipe goes out.At the same pipe to the outgoing warm air heats and dries the basement space, removing dampness.
  2. hole inflow of cold air is located just above the furnace, and the output below, on the opposite side.Fresh air, heating, rises.Cooled, it is lowered and sucked by the fan to the outlet, wherein the fan draft prevents flow of cold air.
  3. down next to the stove, or on the floor sets the input vent.When entering the air he had no choice but to go through okolopechnoe space and after heating it rushes up.At this time, equipped with two outlet openings on the opposite side of the furnace, which communicate with each other duct.Lower - at a height of 1-1.2 meters, and the top - from the ceiling.Airbox is displayed in the attic or on the roof.All air vents are equipped with grids and valves that regulate the flow of air.Thus, the steam will heat up quickly and efficiently.More
  4. can use the unusual scheme.Locate the heater so that the ash pit was below the floor level.Intake vent positioned just above the floor.In this scheme, the oven provides traction and removes stale air through his trumpet.A low position of the holes for fresh air increases the efficiency of the furnace.

interior design and aesthetics

How to achieve comfort in the bath the whole situation in a bath rough finish is allowed only at the walls and ceilings.And everything else: windows, doors, shelves, benches and floors should be smooth and do not have on the surface of metal parts (nails, screws, etc. Metal fittings).We must not forget about the bathhouse utensils that animates the interior: scoops with long handles, gang, head restraints, linen towels and of course the main affiliation of any bath - a broom.

In no case do not try to cover the wood surface inside the bath varnish, lacquer and other materials.When the temperature rises are beginning to stand out and odorous substances in a confined space can harm your health.A recent study of Danish scientists have shown that prolonged heating of the timber to 60 ° C, it is already protected.

for decorating wooden parts baths can use the property to change the color of the wood over time, under the influence of temperature.In addition, you can use a blowtorch, and then process the skin.The wood becomes brown and shows its structure.When you use a decorating anodized stainless steel nails.

The steam should not be a lot of light.It should be muted, discreet and relaxing.For lighting used thermal and moisture-proof lamps, lamp power of 60 watts.It is best to integrate them under the shelves, where they provide an unusual diffused lighting.

The interior bath still must express simplicity, tranquility and comfort.The main condition in the bath - a good and long-term heat.As experts say - "good bath the one drowning six o'clock and six o'clock and then soared."

smell in the bath

How to achieve comfort in the bath best if in the bath fresh smell of brooms, wood and smoke from quality wood.To smell the pine forest can be used freshly cut tree branches.To create a unique aroma bath often is mixed with water and poured onto the hot stones - spices, honey, beer mint, chamomile, oregano, eucalyptus and other infusion. Suitable aromatherapy.Of particular note in the smoky atmosphere of the bath - disinfection produces smoke in the bath, and settled on the wooden surface of the carbon black due to its properties, absorbs bad smells

partes health, ladies and gentlemen, because the room - this is the best remedy for diseases of the spleen and bad mood