Booth and an aviary for dogs

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31 May 2016

to dog the country could not unattended to break something, dig or run away somewhere, was conceived with the booth enclosure for use in the summer and autumn.

Construction booth

First of all, tima started with a booth.To speed the process of OSB-3, and bars drawings he first made separately of each wall.In the pre-pasted linoleum floor.During assembly, the walls paved seal - polyethylene foam.

After assembling the wall he took their insulation.For this purpose, 5 cm insulation PSB-15.The cracks between the walls and seal zapenil.

walls on top of a heater sheathed clapboard, the remainder of the construction of the house.Booths colored paint, also remains from the construction.The roof was covered with linoleum and said laths.And for the dog house - shed - ready.

Building enclosure for dogs

Building enclosure grained he began taking off his top layer of soil, bedding geotextiles, and fell asleep on top of the sand and gravel.As he put the foundation blocks of 40h20h20 see and b

ricks.Blocks used for waterproofing roofing material in two layers.

Then he had introduced the board to the enclosure size 100h40 mm, and began to collect the sill and install the floor joists.Behind them began to put the frame uprights and he made the harness.All boards he fixed on yellow screws.Before tightening the screws, drill zasverlival Zenko.Racks are fixed in the end and obliquely.

putting racks, started laying the floor boards of 100h25 mm.Board, planed on one, face, hand.After finishing to lay the floor, he was immediately painted.

then set the jib, made truss system and covered the roof of cellular polycarbonate.To design was pozhёstche, on the ceiling, he added jib.All wooden structures treated with antiseptic composition.

And, finally, the whole aviary obbili galvanized grid with cells 50x50 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm wire.The mesh is secured with a galvanized mounting tape with holes.Folding it twice around the mesh hole to the hole and fasten with screws, length 25 mm presshayboy.

for going to the toilet next to a fenced area with no roof and flooring.

Here Aviary Booths for dogs and ready for new home.

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