Building the foundation for the house

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31 May 2016

Firstly, Serzik wanted to find a rectangular section, and at least 10 acres.Secondly, it must be outside the city, where he works - is Tallinn or in which he lives - Maardu.

After some time, found a suitable site, but it cost dearly.So he had to take a loan, but it needed to collect a lot of papers.

After acquiring the site he began to see the house and the surrounding buildings.Hiking in the small house and bath, he found what rotten floors, the roof is leaking.Therefore, a house, he decided to completely break down and build a new one from scratch.

Development of the site Development of the site

site development

in 2007, from spring to autumn he collected the necessary documents and preparing a place on the site for construction of houses.During this time he managed to do:

  1. Dug summer water route to the water main, and ran to a new tube;
  2. sawed all apple and plum and manually uprooted almost all stumps;
  3. Broke greenhouse together with the foundation;
  4. Disassembled old country house to the foundation;
  5. order the project.He m
    ade 8 months sincethere were changes.But before we do the project, it was necessary to get the design conditions.To get design conditions, the management told him that he needed surveying the site.Surveying was worth a lot.
    When surveying and project were prepared and made available to the management of an architect, he was fined for what he carried a greenhouse and an old cottage without permission for demolition;
  6. Before obtaining a building permit, he demanded layout fire reservoirs, conditions for connection of new homes to the electricity (which he received from a company that sells electricity), and connecting conditions of the central water to the house (dacha was the chairman of the cooperative);
  7. All the little bushes and flowers he dug and gave my mother's garden.

pleased His only point - that a building permit is given for an infinite period of time.

Preparation excavation

In May 2008, construction began Serzik.House decided to build their own.

First of all, he hired a tractor that broke the foundation for the old house, dug a pit and dug a trench for a water pipe length of 25-30 meters.Serzik decided drip tube yourself.

best tractor driver to pay the money and bury it in half an hour.Manually he dug 8 hours.

foundation for building a house is calculated from aggregate concrete blocks.Planned two-story house.Second floor - attic.Dimensions of the house on the perimeter of 11.5 * 9.8 meters.Closed - heated area on the first floor of 80 square rest area - 2 outdoor terraces under roof.On the second floor of about 43-45 squares of living space.

he made a shallow pit, about 30-40 cm. When dug, Serzik caused surveyor, and together they make a formal binding foundation of the house to the site according to the project: established a blind area, blind area Screw the screws on the coordinates according to the paper, and the signals from thesatellite, and then he pulled the rope alone.Then pulled the remains of the foundation into the excavation, and made him a border trench, which then decided to sleep manually gravel.

Training cushion for the foundation

Serzik been thinking how to make a pillow under your foundation.He consulted on the forum, spoke with mason-armirovschikami, with neighbors and eventually decided to make podsypku of rubble with a minimum height of 25 cm in compacted state.
rent took rammer weighing 500 kilograms.

sequence of works was such:

  1. ordered 10 tons of rubble, 32/64, 20 tons of gravel 32/18 average, 15 tons of fine gravel 18/9.
  2. At the urging of a seasoned builder, he has leased optical level, and align the part of the pit, which was planning to pour gravel.I never regretted it took leveling, and inexpensive rentals.
  3. rented a 500 kilogram rammer.He worked for a couple, or with a brother or father.They rammed every 10 centimeters svezhenasypannogo rubble.

on filling and compacting pillows took 3 days.He worked alternately with the brother, the father.Rubble is not unloaded near the trenches, so we had to hurry, because the rental cost is not cheap ram.

The work was very hard: to load, carry, pour, and then dub and running quickly and start rammer ramming and ramming weighs 500 !!kilogram.

seek to unload the rubble closest to the pits and then will be much easier to carry it to the pit.Cover and ramming rubble best four.After such a load Serzik for two weeks to recover.

After ramming rubble for two and a half weeks and put the secured formwork and zaarmiroval everything you need.

After reading a lot of literature and consulted with everyone who understands the foundations, the foundation decided to make melkozaglublenny 75 cm wide and 30 cm high.
reinforced sufficiently thick, horizontal reinforcement at the top - 6, at the bottom - 4 to 10 mm, and verticalarmature 8 set every 25 cm.

Serzik reinforcement for the foundation prepared on homemade goat.As a result, almost 70 meters of the reinforcement cage he did in 2 weeks, working on weekends and in the evenings.The valve wiring and plastic collars staggered, so quickly turned.The ends of the valve, on the tip armirovschika are bent.

Preparation of the formwork for the foundation of the house Preparation of the formwork for the foundation of the house

formwork and spacers it is attached to the ballast using pieces of rebar.The pieces of rebar in the hard-packed gravel he scored 8 pound striker.It is 40 times lighter than armaturiny hammer sledgehammer.

Now a little about pouring the foundation

When formwork was ready, Serzik considered necessary amount of concrete cube and added to the reserve.And all came out 14 cubic meters of concrete.Initially I wanted to pour concrete B25, but the familiar specialist advised mark B30.The choice was dictated by the fact that the concrete B30 contains more gluing substances, has better frost and moisture resistance compared with concrete B25 and B30 less flexible and elastic than concrete B25.For melkozaglublennogo foundation for the stone house is just a plus.

Fill foundation Fill foundation

concrete is poured from a bottom 7 truck mixer pump with a boom length of 28 meters.Under it had to do check as black soil was very loose.

Council for pouring the foundation:

When the flood and provibriruete concrete around the perimeter, do not wait until it starts to set, immediately take up rail equals the upper plane to zero.

When the concrete was poured, and stood for 4 days, Serzik started stacking cap of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks MRA500.Before laying on the concrete blocks spread a roofing material in a single layer, after laying two series made formwork for Laying nets and filled it.Laying nets upper level is a point of zero, ie,at this level of the house will be clean floor, and why he was doing formwork for level-Laying nets.Laying nets poured manually.


if you decide to pour the concrete by hand, then dial more people, do not tear myself back and navel.The volume of concrete for Laying nets $ 1.2 kuba.Tekst enter for comment

Laying nets laid in two bar reinforcement on the outside of the valve rod 10, the inside of the reinforcement bars by 8. This alignment was due to the fact that the usedLaying nets for the rest of fittings.Then all zagudronil mastic.

impressions about the project

plot really close to the capital, to the border of 14 kilometers of the capital and the center of the capital 20 km.

About rigor in the parish where the purchased land - it is highly impressed.It is forbidden to build: log houses, houses with metal and plastic facade flat Shed roofs, there are restrictions on the color of the roof and facade of the house - the red roof forbidden to do, but was allowed to make a dark-red roof and floor level with respect to zero (roads) should be strictlyfall within the scope of the permissible.The result is that everyone in the village level in relationship to the road is the same as that of the Serzika, there are restrictions on the height of the house - the house permissible height from the ground to the ridge of 7.5 meters, it prohibited the use of septic tanks.

Before giving the project and surveying in the government, must take a written permission from the neighbors on their part to build, and a confirmation that they have read the terms of designing a house