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31 May 2016
Sewerage Housing

More at design Rodik was concerned about the problem of sanitation in the home.During preparation of the foundation, he spent the sewer pipe under the SNIP 2 cm to 1 meter, and brought them to the scene of the alleged finding of a septic tank (septic tank) with a length of 15 meters.

Rodik wanted to have a septic tank (septic tank) is not less than 8.10 cubic meters, and as such was not for sale, we decided to make a concrete 2,5h2,5 cubic meters and a height of 2 meters.So, get Capacity 9 m3.On fill containers without lids it took 5 m3 of concrete.Then, two weeks later, we drove an excavator and crane, dug a hole and dropped a crane cubic cast in place.And the next day cast cover for him.

Thus, the distance from the sump pit turned up 35 meters, and at SanPin distance should be at least 30 meters.When you have finished building the sewers Rodik completed construction work in this season.

plans for next season

During the winter Rodik kept thinking - what material to put a w
all of the house.From laminated veneer lumber, he refused.Not satisfied with his dubious sustainability and high cost - 20 000 rub.per cubic meter.

Heating in the building

lot of thinking about heating homes.Then contacted the company, which is engaged in all kinds of home heating, and after some negotiations ordered the project of heating the house.Six weeks later the project and cost estimates were prepared.When the project was implemented and tested - tests showed that it was done correctly, perfectly.Heating the house is made of the night tariff - 24 kopecks.per 1 kW.During the period from November 15 to December 21, he paid 960 rubles.!

Finally, in February, he decided that he would put a wall of aerated concrete walls such as pie - aerated concrete 300 mm, 100 mm rockwool, hydro windscreen, ventilation gap 40mm, facing brick.After selecting the material design for a couple of days to make changes to the project.

Until the season, good roads and low prices for building materials, he decided to buy materials in advance.First bought aerated Aerocom 60 m3, 10 m3 and more of the wall of aerated concrete, which later went to the construction of the woodshed.More has got 15 m3 of boards.

then met with his foreman, who had already prepared for the new construction season and made schedule.

Home construction season

construction season began with the construction of the formwork for the construction of basement walls.It was not easy, but thanks to the presence of an experienced foreman and skilled carpenters, everything was done correctly.

formwork for casting the walls of the cap did as advised by the foreman - the entire floor height - 3 meters, as grouting such design - no problem.After three weeks of formwork was made entirely with the reinforcement.

In May 2009, there was good weather and two days all the walls of the basement were flooded.In these studies involved four people.On the first day we worked 15 hours and the second 12 hours.A total of 25 m3 of concrete filled.

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