Building a house without a plan

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

You can order a custom design, it is not very expensive, but ... I want the house to be exactly native, made "from" and "to" in person!Only one way out - to develop the project.That is, without a finished project, and built this house here.

my house The situation was this: were the foundations of the size 6x9 m 2,5h5 m. It was planned to build a wooden house, but for some reason had to abandon the building material and choose the gas silicate blocks AEROC.In general, the whole idea of ​​building rested on a great desire to build a house designed by himself, fueled by the spirit of adventure.On the Internet, it was read different advice and guidance on construction, which in future is very helpful.

course, with a project to build a simpler and easier, but it is an independent creation is a very interesting, exciting and informative process.In the computer there have been many times, but the result was worth it!However, we are ready only the walls and roof, but in the spring were planned installation of heating

systems, water supply, sewerage, as well as interior decoration.According to preliminary calculations, by the fall of everything, including finishing and facade insulation, should be prepared.The material for the facade is not already selected, but most likely it will be a plaster coating and a front thermal panels and clinker.

Today already available in the house of the two open-plan floors of 55 sqm each (a total area of ​​140 sq. M and two balconies - 2 and 9 meters).As yet there is no internal partitions, but there is an extension (10 square meters), where it is planned to place the ladder on the second floor.We decided that the attic will not, so the house has turned high (from the blind area to the last row of blocks - 7.5 m, the height of the plinth - 1.3 m, draft of the ceiling of the first floor - 3 m, the second - 2.87), so the roof does notinsulated.


my house As already mentioned, the walls were built of silicate blocks AEROC (thickness - 300 mm), which is scheduled to warm (heater is not already selected).Fireplace units floors are made of reinforced concrete bridges made of reinforced U-blocks and poured concrete.


Performing monolithic slabs of I-beams (on the first floor - made of concrete, the second - from keramsit) was due to common sense and arithmetic calculations if hollow overlap slabs, then it is necessary to hire a crane.Considering the cost of plates, hiring a crane, the thickness of the screed, then you will need to do weight plates, we came to the conclusion that not much more expensive and more convenient to make the overlap of the beams, using expanded clay instead of gravel.While on the ground floor could do without the I-beams, yet they have been used (N16), but for the overlap between the first and second floors were specially purchased Beams N22, as the size of the span - 6100h9100 mm.The distance between the beams, to create the overlap of the first floor, reached 1200-1400 mm.And concrete and expanded clay kneaded by hand.To expanded clay, which is lighter than water, do not float on the surface of concrete, it was soaked overnight in the pool, and boards made from cellophane.


my house rafter system ordered in a Moscow firm that collects in the shop roof trusses, pre-treated wood structure from decay and fire.Cost is not much more expensive than if prodelyvat this work yourself, the more that gear plate is pressed under a pressure of 30 atmospheres.And the most difficult corners zapilivaem without the right tools and accessories.Large farm three workers with a crane installed and mounted in 5 hours, and then a smaller installed independently.


One of the bearing elements is the column that supports the balcony.Despite advice to make reinforcement, we decided to simply pour concrete masonry void formed in 10x10 cm.

Financial expenses

my house «Box" and the roof cost about $ 43,000.Of these, $ 5,000 was paid for the work of the builders to erect the roof.However, all of the materials were purchased and delivered independently, wherever possible, to own a mini-truck Citroën.For silicate blocks naprmer even went to St. Petersburg.

And now, the construction season began long ago, but even in winter storage building were identified positive aspects, because, in the meantime, you can find the right equipment, plan everything, make the design of the interior and exterior of the house, and then, with new forcesbegan to approach his dream - a housewarming in his own house.After all, it just seems to be difficult to build a house, the main thing that was a desire.All the
who dare to build, I want to wish you success and good luck!