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31 May 2016
To take out a mortgage on an apartment for years at a disadvantage Sheatfish decided to buy land and build your own house in a suburb of Kazan.

land search was carried out on several criteria, which managed to keep a greater or lesser degree.On inspection of certain areas I had to go twice, but strangely enough of the many areas surveyed chose the one that Sheatfish examined first.

during the search area find the real owner of the land, as realtors typically overstate the price.When the owner found Sheatfish cost of land was at 200 thousand less.

During registration area was caused by an inspector to inspect the BTI.He found the bath, which was required to present a passport.For full registration needed time, so the site owner, an advance 1/4 of the cost of land.For a month it issued, payment of taxes.

for documents he hired people who are over 15 thousand rubles issued: a contract of sale, certificate of registration, passport BTI, etc.

loyalty to execute documen

ts themselves, it is more reliable and faster.There is nothing difficult about it.

bath, he designed a reason.Because after stones had introduced to the oven and to heat the bath was delighted with the results.

house project

Before building a house Sheatfish bought a house project on the Internet.He wanted the house to be not less than 4 bedrooms, living room - dining room, the house had to have an area of ​​not less than 180-250 m / 2 and always beautiful appearance.The pictures posted on the site, like a house.He ordered the project, paid, got.But as a result of the project turned out to be bad from a technical point of view (obsolete).We had to redo everything, leaving only the main dimensions.

Start of

to build a house Sheatfish attracted familiar superintendent.Bought plot is located on a slope, elevation from the upper and lower points is 2.5 meters, in this connection, it was decided that, as a foundation for a home use monolithic slab.

while digging the foundation pit were fears that can get to the spring, but the water in the pit was not there.Excavator mined sand and some clay.In order to not disturb the soil produced poured it on the road in places where there were holes, thus killing two birds with one stone - got rid of the soil and dug pits.

At the May holidays for workers (all local) washed down.Only after May 15, work slowly moved the ball rolling.

Manual work corrected pit, spiked with sand, set the formwork, tied rebar.For that part of the plate, which will be load-bearing walls, the thickness was 350 mm.There used valves 16 mm in 4 rod.For the rest of the plate thickness of 250 mm 12 mm armature in one layer.In addition, under the bearing walls 2 meters were dug pits for pouring reinforced pillars.

All time closely monitor the flow of material to the construction site, his supervisor at the fitting tries to 35 thousand. Rubles.It was discovered because Sheatfish became suspicious and estimated material and then immediately made the superintendent to do the same.

During preparation for pouring the foundation imported b / stove PBS sixes and unloaded from a neighbor in the area.Initially it planned to buy a quartet, but shёstёrki turned up at a bargain price and were taken (saving 70 thousand rubles).

Fill foundation

To fill the basement Sheatfish ordered 35 m / 3 concrete.Poured concrete with a single point and the chute by the Working solution pushed in the right direction.A day filled and waited 3 weeks before full cure.

Stacking blocks

units he acquired / used to prepare them spent a lot of time - they had to be cleaned from the solution in limbo with a sledge hammer and scrap and then stacked.For bonding units he ordered 3 m / 3 final solution.All blocks FBS put in two days.At the first team finished its work.

search team of masons

Two weeks later, was found by a team of masons.They started packing / used brick to display the basement under a zero.Ended vacation in Sheatfish and monitor job has become more difficult as a result of the new team still built at random and random.In these project areas produhi partially forgotten.Chance of brick blocks flush with PBS, sometimes hangs on 3-4 cm. As a result, he chased them.

newly recruited team finishing touches work.Sheatfish ordered and brought slabs and one day the team coped with this task.Then workers melted bitumen plastered base, and work in August 2008 have been completed.

Over the past year Sheatfish connected to electricity without paying bribes to anyone, at a cost of 20 thousand rubles.Has delivered to the site and made the ground terrace, lined the entrances to the house.Final planning of the plot will be clear when dig a pond next to the bath.

new season

In 2009, he decided not to hire a superintendent - it was no use, and the money goes.I decided to take the team on acquaintance.

crisis in full swing Sheatfish advised to recruit a friend Engineer builder sitting without work.He found a team of local masons.The children appeared good.For his work, they took a fixed price - 500 Coating, 800 Butovka.A pay agreed upon.For additional work included a separate fee.A solution was prepared in the concrete mixer and bought up buckets and material which was brought by crane.The brigade worked well without truancy 6 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.

twice because of rain delays were the crane, so build a good all-weather road access.Otherwise you will have to unload the material on the road again and transported in dry weather.

checking leveling instrument level "zero" determined that the drop was 6 cm. This deficiency was corrected with a solution and brick battle.Did rows layout and began to build.It was built quickly.We participated in the construction of 4 and 1 mason handyman.


walls consist of ceramic bricks, followed by ventilation gap of 3 cm and aerated concrete blocks.Around the perimeter every 2-3 rows in the masonry joint was packed masonry net for a bunch of rubble and facing.For masonry solution was used in a mixture of river and quarry sand with the addition of the detergent and of course the cement.Brought back brick is not the ideal shape, but the workers put good try.

Facing brick is required to book the whole construction, or in the next batch of color bricks can not be matched.


Slater also picked up on the recommendation of a neighbor from Ulyanovsk.He built a house made of larch timber.After talking with him, we discussed the price.It turned out to be 15-20 thousand higher than the average.But because the roof was not simple, but the master did not want to take no advice, he agreed to their terms.

The day calculated the number of necessary materials and purchased.It was decided that the rafters are 50x200 mm thick and stand in increments of 590 mm.As a heater took a basalt slab Euroizol 200 mm, be sure to make steam and waterproofing.Rafter system put 2 people, and then connect the third.

decided to cover the roof from metal tile factory "Kazan steel profiles."Spanish Sierra, chocolate.They were long 6x3 meters and has four fit and with great difficulty, but the results met all expectations, put quality, seams are not visible.Attic sheathed inside-edged boards dyuymovka.


At home Sheatfish got two riser with air ducts and chimneys.A riser is in the supporting wall extending approximately in the middle of the house.It contains three chimney 250h140 mm and three ventkanala 140x140 mm.This riser is completely made of solid brick red.In another riser are three ventkanala 140x140 mm riser itself to the level of the roof is made of silicate, anything above the roof - also made of red brick.

Windows and doors

The window openings set Sheatfish German plastic window.They are three-chamber profiles of color chocolate with a street party.I installed without sills.A total of 18 windows.Windows delivered smoothly, zapenili.Ebb established under the window unit, so that moisture has not passed.He was pleased with the installation.

Entrance doors ordered from Saratov.They are good because they are made of high-quality components and well insulated - double seal on the canvas and the box door.

puts them on the ears, with bolts screwed to the box.Total ear 4 on each of the vertical sides of the box.Fastens metal anchors d8 or d10 to 150 mm.

Due to the fact that the box is built home, and fearing vertical shrinkage at home, the size of the door of the box vertically with respect to the doorway reduced by approximately 15 mm.


Well decided to dig in the bottom of the plot where it is located closer to the surface.Dug by hand, get 3 rings in the ground and one on top.The water in the well is located at a height of 1.5 meters from the bottom all the time.We wanted to dig further but not turned, a large influx of water.In taste the water is better than in the city from the tap.

total cost of materials and work done:
  • materials cost - 1,315,000 rubles;
  • cost of the work - 640 000 rubles;
  • Transportation costs - 110 000 rubles;
  • plot and ground work for it - 850 000 rubles.
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