Ground mini-cellar

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

design mini-cellars being built from the ground like a box that fits knocked together from planks of softwood.Between the walls is laid insulation, it can be expanded clay, sand, sawdust and other.In modern conditions, are increasingly using the foam sheet.


cellar design frame and can be composed of large-diameter logs is not.Oshkurennye log digged deep and 80 cm, the upper part is connected strapping.The ends of the logs, which are in the ground must be repeatedly coat the hot bitumen, to avoid their premature failure.From inside the walls made of boards and upholstered with tar paper or roofing material.Outside walls made also of planed boards overlapped vertically.

Thick slabs used as an overlay, the top of which should be to miss the mark with a thick layer (3 cm) of fat clay.Once the clay is dry it keeps the same insulation as that used for the walls.For roofs with a slope of the roof, you can use any roofing material.

Sex in the cellar is best done in red brick, which is laid out on the edge

, or stone and concrete tiles.They once laid on a fat clay.

Sufficient attention should be paid to your door bins.Manhole in the first place should not be large, but also small "flap" is also not fit.Therefore, usually, it is the optimum size of approximately 600 x 1500 mm.

avoid freezing in winter and cold in summer conservation is best to provide a double door.Between that uses insulation made of synthetic material or old mattress.

Also do not forget about ventilation openings.Typically it is made from the same side as the door.This small hole diameter of not more than 12 cm., And the outside of the chipped with small mesh cells.