Winter Garden

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31 May 2016
the beginning there was a dream to build a winter garden.Then he built a house, make room for the winter garden and the question of lighting - natural and artificial.Therefore kidar began to collect information on these structures, but what is not suited to its purpose.Then it became necessary to invent his own design.

beginning there was an option to make a window for the winter garden of the ordinary glass and wooden frame with a break in the middle - that is, from two planes.Frame cobble together three treated fugankom boards.Then he came up with collapsible connection - lightweight construction struts with double glazing.But all these ideas did not fit.


But fate intervened case.At a show in Kazan, he first saw the polycarbonate.He liked it very much, and he began to look for him.Finally in Kazan for a relatively small price, he found polycarbonate 25 mm thickness and bought.


With the purchase of a polycarbonate window design has evolved.Since polycarbonate bends, a bre
ak in the middle of the window, he put the wooden structure was replaced with metal.Thus was born the arch structure having a lot of merit.

With the design of the window he had to tinker.He chose the material for a long time, came up with the design - the angle of bending radius.The thickness of the polycarbonate rather big and bend radius so big and you can not do less than it could burst.

as window structure he decided to use rectangular tube length of 3.33 m. On a nearby plant them bent on benders on the desired diameter.

Polycarbonate is sensitive to temperature and to the area of ​​support to the structure of polycarbonate was large, welded to the pipes chopped metal plate.

to secure the bottom of the arch was made mounting bracket, which is fixed on a concrete window sill.This anchorage does not allow to go beyond supporting the arch dimensions of the building and the arch of the metal does not freeze.As the upper mounting it used I-beam.


make the basic structure of the window-arches, painted it and installed.After you install the frame it with a friend began to mount polycarbonate.To bend the sheet and press it against the metal arch structure, of channel was made clamp the letter "P".

Sheet attached as follows.Metal clamp Polycarbonate sheet is attracted to the metal structure, bursting and fastened along the seam top and bottom of the sheet through the aluminum profile thermowasher.

During the first day, along with his brother, he mounted the two sheets.The next day, alone, using all sorts of tricks, he found the remaining four sheets

During installation required to comply with all the technology of fastening polycarbonate.Do not confuse the top and bottom.During screwing know when to stop and not to overdo it, make holes for mounting, taking into account thermal expansion, etc.


After installing polycarbonate every day of construction fell out 1-2 thermowashers.Finally, they had to be replaced homemade - stainless steel.It should be noted that the imported polycarbonate or a little did not disappoint.

During operation once passed hail hailstones the size of 2 cm. After that the surface of the polycarbonate does not hurt does not even have a single dent.

problem of electric lighting

by education kidar an electrical engineer, but he is not engaged in a classic in the form of electricity shtrobleniya walls, wiring and installation of switches.Therefore, I planned to make a radio-controlled lighting.

While the house was built, along with a line of light he held out a simple network cables.Then they joined and formed a network.The communications protocol can be anything, for example, the classic RS-485.All information network ready.

now remains in any place in the house to install a radio receiver to the controller and plug it into an information network.The advantage of this system is that it requires only one receiver and not on each illumination device, which greatly reduces the cost of the system.

And to make the system work, anywhere in the room with mounted switch radio channel.When you need to turn on the light receiver with the controller receives the code from the included switch and already on the wire sends a signal to the actuator for a cheap, located at the lamp.

under the sill, he's going to set the LED strip white light.To obtain a uniform illumination of the light floor.

Natural lighting

Lighting winter garden lights - this is good, but natural light is much more useful and more enjoyable.Therefore kidar architecture conservatory maximize its use.Having

orientation of windows to the south, he made the most of light from the sun.The arched structure made of polycarbonate with a half transparent ceiling, and the room became available sunlight.Thanks to a bright coating the walls and floor are well reflected light and increases the overall light level in the room.

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