How to build a cheap house

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

First, we consider, from which erect affordable homes.As a rule - a tree, gas silicate blocks, concrete, aerated concrete, concrete, wood frame construction.

How to build a cheap house What is saving

During the construction of economy-class houses in cottage settlements using inexpensive materials and are mainly of domestic production.The fact that many domestic construction materials and developments in this area - from the farm to the metal types of heaters - no worse than imports, but cost less.During finish using plaster veneer wall bricks and tiles, and the windows are inserted cheap plastic windows.

Technology development in recent years mainly takes place in the frame and solid construction.The steel frame technology to use more LSTC - a light steel thin-walled constructions prosechёnnogo profile.With this profile of structural weight is smaller and the structure is stronger and not artificially created "cold zone".

In America, for example, has developed a technology, which is used as a basis - a plate of pressed w

ood fiber and foam inside it.The walls of these plates produced perfectly smooth, they do not absorb moisture, 8 times warmer than the brick and concrete homes with the same thickness.In addition, they are resistant to the "movement of the foundation," and a team of 4 people gather in a house of 200 square meters.m for 2-3 weeks.

In neighboring Canada, fashionable building blocks are the bricks of mineralized wood chips.They are shaped hollow bricks gray, based mineralized chips.Houses built from this material cold-resistant, not afraid of mold, breathe and rodents they are not to your liking.A great advantage of the houses of mineralized wood chips is that it was built for heavy machinery unnecessary.Experts note that a team consisting of 4 people will gather at the house 200 kV.m. in 10 days, because in the construction put blocks on each other "dry."Only at the end of construction in the internal cavity construction concrete is poured.

And more recently appeared in the sale of "wooden bricks."It is made of solid wood with special four-side lock.Thanks to this brick wall is not purged, and does not shrink.And the whole house is built over 2 - 8 weeks.

was cheap to build, in suburban villages of economy-class developers are starting to save by selecting model projects homes.On the whole village has 3-5 projects that are different additional rooms, the presence of the porch, and instead of the garage canopy.The design of the territory limited to asphalting of tracks, installation of the fence and minimal landscaping.

As experts housing economy Klas not necessarily constructed of cheap materials.The fact that low-cost housing - includes simple shapes, minimal decoration, a simple layout without any frills.Typically, it is built on a shallow foundation.The roof is covered with a metal tile or ondulin.At arrangement of windows use low-cost plastic frame or wooden frames of conifers.The walls are built of foam blocks or frame technology.There are houses made of logs, brick and stone.

materials and their properties

How to build a cheap house When there is a choice between a brick and a wooden house, it is noted that the building of the tree is much faster, but there is one small problem - the house of the forest after it was built, you need to withstand more than a year.

Wood - a great building material, when it is well prepared and dry.If you take glulam manufactured at the plant using modern technologies, the house of him erected for 6-9 months on inexpensive foundations.Glued laminated timber after production at the plant is not deformed and eliminates many restrictions in the construction and lets his creative imagination.

timbered style, thanks to new technologies of wood processing, it is interesting and economical.The basis of the house - a wooden frame, and the material constituting the wall can be anything from inexpensive to stained glass panels in the wall.Manufacturers Frameworks provide a guarantee of 25 years.Due to the novelty of technology to our country until they build expensive cottage villages.But time will pass and as siding, which was used in the construction of luxury housing and houses built on the technology half-timbered, will soon move into the category of affordable homes