Mounting "roofing pie" with shingles

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What is the roof, as it should be, what would you want to live under it?Everyone will give his assessment of this important element of the building.But when we think about the house in the first place, we utter the phrase: "A roof over your head ...".We have different tastes and preferences, but for all of us is the short message associated with the reliability and comfort of a family home.

So, based on the "right" of the roof truss system RUFLEX is, it takes care of all the load evenly distributes it to all elements of the building and ensures the reliability and stability of the entire structure.

1. What should be warmer?

When insulation between the rafters of the roof is recommended to lay a dense mineral wool, so they do not slide down under their own weight or vibration load.Otherwise, there will be areas where the insul

ation will be small or it will be completely absent, which will undoubtedly lead to the loss of heat through the roof.

2. How to keep the heat from the bottom?

the part of the premises used steam insulating materials for heat retention and reduce the risk of saturation vapor insulation as mineral wool quickly lose their conductive properties.

3. How not to miss the moisture from the top?

From the outside is windproof film - waterproofing membrane (it is called superdiffuzionnaya if it is able to pass at least 1000 grams of vapor per day).Due to the structure of the fibers, the material has a selective capacity: Couple out if there is their high blood pressure, but the moisture inside the insulation layer, such a film does not pass.

4. kontrobreshetka And why?

Kontrobreshetka an important function - forms a ventilation gap along the slope of the roof.The gap is called a vent, because it should be air circulation: to deal with part of the cove and go closer to the ridge.This allows you to remove excess moisture and prevent rot and fungus formation in the roof space, extend the life of all layers "roof pie".

5. What is Stepping crate?

Stepping crate not only provides the convenience of moving the installers on the roof at the time of installation, but also covers the span between the rafters to the plywood does not bend.But that's not all!Stepping crate provides cross-ventilation gap, which is necessary to improve air circulation, especially in the construction of the roof have valleys and hipped skates (rib).

6. What do a solid foundation?

solid crate recommend doing of waterproof plywood (PSF) or OSB (oriented strand board), because these materials are easier to allow you to create a smooth solid base for the shingles

7. Another planarization layer?

Lining the carpet is one of the layers of roofing material.It aligns the total roof surface and waterproofs it on during the installation of the main roofing material.Cretaceous markup is best seen in the carpet backing than plywood, and it is stored on it longer, which seriously affects the quality of the installers.

8. The cover?

Remarkably, if the final layer of the roof "pie" you choose shingles RUFLEXMint Finnish production!The basis of shingles is a non-woven glass fiber, for the manufacture of which uses a unique technology that allows to significantly increase the density of the fabric (120 g / sq.).At the same time, this material is very ductile and flexible, perfectly fits on any complicated roof, because the base on both sides impregnated SBS-modified bitumen.In addition, shingles is not only practical, democratic and costs, but also beautiful.The outer side of fabric covered with stone or mineral granules that protect it from the weather and give color.On the back of the shingles applied film which on the roof will further waterproofing.

9. What do you need more comfort?

important detail of the modern house has become a well-organized system of ventilation of roof space and interior.Roof fans and vents help prevent the accumulation of moisture in the roof space and, consequently, prevent the formation of mold and mildew.Ventilation outlets used for the interior ventilation systems, and plumbing - for the completion of sewage risers on the roof.These systems allow you to create the necessary comfort in every corner of the house.

And finally ...

Getting installation "roof pie", remember that if one layer is prepared properly, it will affect the "pie" as a whole.It is better to think in advance the recipe to reduce the risk of errors in complex construction insulated roof.