How to design a loft

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

attic can become a cozy place in your home due to the remote location of the entrance and its non-standard form.This place can be an office, a bedroom, and, maybe, and a living room.But for a comfortable stay need to responsibly approach to the arrangement of the attic floor.This place should be convenient shape, insulation, well-lit and well-planned.

Form defines the configuration of the roof of the attic, but whatever the roof, the ceiling height in the central part of the attic should be at least 2.2 meters.It is necessary that any person can move freely at least in its central part.

attic insulation You need to take care of the insulation of the roof, if you want to provide the proper climate.It is important to choose the right heat-insulating and waterproofing materials and lay them, observing the norms.The inner cover layer of the attic - a finishing facilities, such as drywall.Next is the vapor barrier film.Without this layer the difference of external and internal temperatures can lead to condensation inside

the roof structure.If you want to make the bath or kitchen in the attic, the vapor barrier to approach the issue is serious.

third layer - thermal insulation, as this layer is better to use glass wool or mineralvatnye heaters because they do not burn and provide good sound insulation.Fourth layer - waterproofing serves to prevent wet insulation from the outside.This can be paropropuskayuschaya diffusion membrane or reinforced polypropylene film with micro.At the same time it should be noted that the use of waterproofing films require ventilation, so between the third and fourth layer of the air gap should be 3-5cm.The membrane also requires no additional ventzazora and laid directly on the insulation and finally the last layer - the main roof covering.Between the fourth and fifth layer also should be an air gap.

also need to take care of the floor insulation.There used glass wool, which is placed between the joists.Thermal insulation to protect from water vapor rising from the bottom waterproofing material.

For good lighting is necessary to properly design the attic window.According to building codes glazing area should be at least 10% of the floor space.Windows is still planning the design of the attic.Ordering skylights, it is necessary to inform the seller, a roof covering the house, it affects the type of flashing windows.It is also important to correctly position the handle at the windows - it was convenient to open.

staircase leading to the attic it is advisable to make one or march with the rotation.Stairs should be wide enough - about a meter, so that people can to miss her.It should be sufficiently inclined, the optimum angle of inclination of 30-40 degrees, the width of the stair treads must not be less than 30cm.

Considering all these requirements, the attic is definitely become your favorite spot in the house!