Tower for alternative power sources

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31 May 2016
to give Lazy farmer summed communications - electricity, water, gas, these questions he has to decide for himself.To supply its electricity sector, he turned his attention to alternative sources of supply.

first has got solar panels and a solar year used.During warmer months, enough electricity, and in winter - no, because there were periods when the sun was covered by clouds for a long time.

In 2008, solar modules, he added windmills - three pieces of 500 watts, which gave 24 volts.For their work needed to construct three masts.And then he got the idea to do one for the construction of three wind turbines, solar panels and pressure of the water tank.

to strong wind from the structure did not break, was paid special attention to its strength.For the construction of masts he acquired weldless drill pipe length of 9.5 meters.I put them in the form of an isosceles triangle with a side of 4 meters.

To install the pipes he dug a hole depth of 140 cm and 80x80 cm. Made of steel glasses u
nderneath towers, set them and poured concrete.In kazhdoё hole filled about one cube.

Did winch, and the work was in the order it is inserted into the lower end of the mast holder with the help of the winch lifted the pillar above the ground, cuffed legs slightly recessed in the holder, and then helift legs with ropes tied to the jeep.All installation under construction wind turbines he spent alone.

After installing three towers - towers, he made the first level of the cross beams of the U shaped profile and inch water pipes.The design of all places, he joined the M12 bolts and painted with two coats of paint "three in one": a rust converter, primer and paint in one.

then made permanent flooring of boards of 40 mm and climb the tower water tank in one cube.I made a flat roof, which will be wind turbines, and sheathed lining two walls.

Then came the turn to raise the solar panels at 700 watts.They found it at an angle, and for the modules to build a third wall, and it made a sliding door to get inside the tower equipment.Then he lifts and fix wind turbines on the roof.All heavy machines he raised with the help of the blocks.

on all the construction he spent 2.5 months, including three weeks to wait until the concrete attains power.Together build the tower would have been much easier and faster.

Over the past two years of operation of wind towers from Lazy Farmer equipment is working properly.Only burned inverter.Near struck by lightning, and it was not grounded.Repair cost 2500 rubles.Then he grounded it.And once I did not have time to drain the water from the pressure tank to the cold faucet and cracked.

For the rest, everything is working as it should - give windmills electricity when the wind blows, solar panels to charge the battery from the sun, water is supplied from the tank for watering the garden when it is needed.Downstairs is located in a trailer unit maintenance-free batteries and an inverter.

course, it is not always ideal conditions for generating alternative sources of energy supply.For example - a time about two weeks there was a fog, and there was no wind.In such cases, a farmer Lazy includes gasoline generator, but this is rare.

load on the power supply system

features combine wind turbines and solar panels that solar panels can operate only during the day and in the evening you can include wind turbines and electricity is constant.And if the wind is not, Lazy Farmer mounts Reserve benzo / diesel generator.For effective use of wind turbines wind must blow at a speed of more than 5 m / sec.

From a windmill and solar panels at the Lazy farmer all year: TV, two computers, a refrigerator, numerous power tools, lighting, summer lawn and mixer.It should be noted that in the Kuban cloudy winter and the system can hardly keep up with the development of electricity and energy in the summer rife.

cost of equipment located in the tower:

  • Three windmill at $ 700.Total paid - 2 100 dollars;
  • Solar modules of 700 watts of single-crystal silicon.The cost of a watt - $ 4.All the cost - 2 800 dollars;
  • Four battery deep discharge.AGM SpB 12v 200 amp.Total - 1 600 dollars;
  • MAP 4.5 kW inverter.The cost - 1000 dollars.

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