Country house in three levels

By Admin | Building
31 May 2016

House in three levels, and accordingly looks, and is designed to suit different interests.But the patriarchal way of life almost "sunk into oblivion" and being replaced by other forms of human coexistence in society.Therefore, to live a new convenient housing, a new designed for very different tastes and needs.More and more in fashion is a lonely way of life.People - singles (only) is now a successful and rich, and hence more demanding of comfort.And for these people, these days, and vacation homes are cost non-family residence, and for periodic raids noisy companies or a romantic weekend with a friend or girlfriend.

These homes sometimes do not build, and easy to rearrange and good designers repurpose.I propose to look at the methods of such transformations on the example of alteration of the old two-story house.

Country house in three levels

main theme in creating a new interior was to create a space with two levels of light sources, which forced to sacrifice some of the overlap between floors.Thanks to the decision to disass

emble the ceiling, an opportunity to create an attic floor with a small secluded little study.

In the role of the "energy of the barrel," the center of the visual compositions made easy and "transparent" staircase, "strung" the interiors of the first and second level.The contours of the upper floor, mirror, first create the effect of openings in which the whole design looks elegant and weightless.

Although forced to "sacrifice" the end result after restructuring area even increased slightly.But it is important that the whole organization of internal space "swing", a veiled faces between zones.Due to lack of visibility within the space success the effect the integrity of its perception.The whole situation is subject to the principle of reasonable sufficiency, there is nothing superfluous.

The ground floor contains all the newest pieces of furniture and household appliances is created, in accordance with the owner's comfort.Visually, a large fireplace, really takes a very small area, and the modest size living alone does not appear.Well, the system of "smart home", provides global comfort of all premises, "while remaining in the shadows" for a sliding wall cabinet living room.

applied and a classic combination of black and white colors in the furniture and matte with shiny metal fittings.Such a strong contrast to mitigate the use of maple flooring and cream-colored walls.Striking an emotional explosion, look scarlet upholstery.The design of the staircase is reminiscent of sailboat masts and ladders.Continue stylistic associations, stylized window frames, lamps and decoration.

logical conclusion to create the image, a decoration, arched walls of the second floor, maple wood.And the form of the stairs to the attic, similar to the ship.The complex resembling the outline of the ship.Blink spotlights creates the effect of a starry sky.All components are intuitively linked by an invisible thread into a single harmonious whole.The elements of the supporting structure are not perceived as such.Wall - a partition in the form of an arc, which serves to support the third floor trimmed with light wood and rests on an inconspicuous column on the first level.

running under the ceiling of the third-tier prospect of space, creates lighting of lamps in a row.Harmoniously blended consistency of the third floor is complemented by a mini garden, himself visually expand the space under the sloping ceiling.

not looking to relax on the weekend can be different.How many personalities, so many options of leisure time.But when making the right architectural decisions, it turns the interior of the house as a whole and meets the diverse, sometimes contradictory and improbable, customized