Insulate yourself loggia

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

dream of every - large spacious apartment with enough space not only to store all sorts of things, but there is also space for life itself.Unfortunately, the Russian realities are such that the available square meters, especially in the old fund, is often lacking.Everyone is used to the fact that every corner of your home, including a loggia or balcony, it is necessary to use the most efficient.

course, someone chooses the old "Soviet" option - to fill to the brim with loggia unnecessary things - suddenly one day come in handy!But there is another solution - a much more modern, practical and aesthetic.It is about expanding the living area by a conversion loggia in sitting area, an office, a mini-gym or winter garden that will delight the home at any time of the year.

Here you can put your favorite plants, pretty wicker table with chairs, sports equipment, interesting accessories, but can - lockers for storage of tools or household blanks - depending on thesized balconies and your prefer


When the device warm loggia or balcony insulation owners often make the mistake: installing double-glazed windows and a quick close up the gap, paving the room a "warm floor" and set the radiator.This approach is imperfect: the heat will continue to go out into the street, and maintain the desired temperature in this room would be easy.A serious, professional approach is required insulation loggia.

Choosing insulation - is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance: the construction market there are different types of materials.One of the most modern and practical insulation - extruded polystyrene.Its use is especially useful for insulation balconies: fine material prevents heat loss from a warm room to the outside, as it has the best insulating properties among the various types of heaters.

The walls and floor are insulated one material, which is advantageous and convenient - to the loggia or balcony standard size is enough to get the whole package of insulation 2.The material is easy to transport, it is lightweight, does not break, does not crumble, and if necessary - can easily be cut with a knife.The stiffness of the extruded polystyrene boards can use them as a base under the tie, and finally, the thickness of the insulation is only 5 cm, which is 1.5 times less than other insulation materials with the same thermal performance - this is especially important, becauseas you save the most useful area of ​​a small lodge.

Insulationworks loggia can be done independently.The technology includes several stages.First, you need to glaze a loggia, then, if you plan to increase the usable area of ​​the room, to dismantle the room window and balcony door.

Then proceed to the floor insulation.All slots and openings poured foam, allow it to dry, then the plate and on the lower part of the walls at a height of 30 cm coated surface waterproofing, for example, based on cement.

for floor leveling can use special self-leveling cement-sand mixture (eg Vetonit "Vaateri Plus").If you want to raise the floor, you can put 5-inch layer of expanded clay.On the prepared surface is laid insulation boards.All the joints between the insulation boards and wall connection must be glue steam insulating tape (you can buy it in the building supermarkets, department vapor barrier film) - so you can avoid the formation of "weeping" wall, and the possible formation of mold and mildew.The next layer - of lightweight polymer concrete screed 4 cm thick, reinforced with wire mesh.

The walls and ceiling are insulated much easier and faster.On the surface of the walls are glued insulation boards, and already on them - facing of moisture-resistant drywall.For maximum space saving internal insulation plate is recommended to stick with cold asphalt mastic (such as MBK-G-75), evenly distributing it on the surface of the insulation covering at least 25% of the surface.The ceiling is insulated by analogy with the walls, but instead of drywall ceiling can be installed on a frame and hide behind him all the wiring needed for lighting the loggia.

last stage - finishing finishing facilities in the taste of the owners and installing radiator.For many construction and high costs often frighten and force the owners to give up the dream - to have its own separate sitting area.But in this case you do not have to weigh the "pros" and "cons".

The whole process takes no more than 7 days, and the cost of insulation - is quite expensive for everyone.To lodge an area of ​​3 square meters.Materials meters will cost about 8 thousand. rubles, and installation works with the transfer of the heat sink and seal electricity - about 10 thousand. rubles.Production and installation of window unit is not included in the estimate.Cold loggia thus turns into a full living space - comfortable, well-lit warm.And you get a new sitting area, where you can enjoy the tranquility and fresh colors of flowers in every season