Repair of roofs of various materials

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30 May 2016
Repair up roofing

up roofing in the summer are exposed to intense heat, which leads to the formation of blisters in the roof membrane, as in the pores of the wet base increased vapor pressure (heating mat to 60 ° C Pressuresteam reaches 2 tons / m2}. At high humidity delamination of the coating occurs carpet, followed by the formation of air and water bags, streaming bitumastic when heated carpet sunlight or mechanical damage to the carpet. The size of air bubbles can reach a height of 25-30 cm.

Inindoor toilets in the combined upper floors ceilings roofs can be seen condensing moisture. The reason for this is the wrong device joints sewer risers with exhaust pipes mounted sockets down, resulting in a drop in moisture insulation and thermal insulation properties combined roof.

Maintenance of up roofing is largely confined to the replacement of defective seats and sealing holes and cracks all kinds of coatings.The places where the roof covering is broken, clearing, then covered and sealed with mast
ic roofing material.Places where the web material to be cut rotted.Cut the material around the damaged area with a minimum width of 10 cm. The resulting cavity is carefully cleaned, smeared with mastic and sealed with a piece of web material so that the edges do not fall on the roof of the old t. E. In the butt.Then this place is again coated with mastic and sealed with a second layer of web material, but in this layer should overlap the edges of the damaged area by 15 cm.

In those cases where the web backward from a base of the carpet, the base coat with mastic pressed thereto carpet fabric,and on top is glued patch covering the incision carpet 10 cm.

Locations blistering roof membrane make an incision crossed, folded cloth carpet on four sides, carefully clearing the base, dried it and brushing the carpet mastic folded cloth is pressed against the ground and stick again,and on top of this place glued patch and restore the protective coating of the roof.

When repair work, as well as at the device roofing, roofing material should be cleaned by sprinkling.For easy removal of roofing material spreading to lubricate solyarovoe or herb butter.From oil Hardened roll materials are elastic, lighter and stronger stick and strew removed easily.Grease is applied rags, brushes or brushes.Topping removed with a steel brush, metal or wooden spatula with decomposition of the material on a flat surface (not to tear it during operation).The size of patches should be more than the repair area of ​​the roof is 100 mm on all sides.If the patch superimposed on one another, the following on all sides should also overlap the previous 100 mm.

extruded or unnecessarily inflicted mastic proshpaklevyvaetsya spatula to the edge of a patch of carpet or turn away, well smoothed and leveled flush with the edge of the patch.The renovated space covered with mastic and sprinkle with heated sand.This is done to Mastic, warming up from the sun could not melt and drain.Old carpet or imposed patches must be carefully smoothed.If, however, they do not rise and abut tightly to the base, their prigruzhajut any load, such as a brick.To do this, make a thicker sand posypku that the goods have not stuck to the mastic.After hardening mastic cargo removed, and the excess sand is removed.

repairs may be very different.So punched (not through) the place mat that happens when cleaning the roof of snow and ice, can be repaired so.The fault location well dried, cleaned of dirt and the old mastic.Of hot mastic mixed with dry sand or sawdust, prepare putty and place it zashpaklevyvayut damage, carefully leveling edge.In a place where a defect can put a patch.

If broken roof to its foundation, that the injury cut envelope (crosswise).Folded corners, the water is removed, cleaned of dirt and mastics, well dried, especially a base which can be strongly wetted and then are working as well as with the bulge-roof membrane promazyvayut hot mastic base and the internal side of the cut carpet is laid on their base,pressed and carefully smooth.Putty fill punched place and put one or two patches.The patches should cover the cut edge or the lower patches at least 100 mm on each side.Then, the patch is covered with putty, which comes beyond 100 mm and sprinkle with heated sand.

In fact, the same operations are carried out, and if on the roof formed a "bag" filled with water.

When there are bad places to exfoliate carpet, these places are cut, cleaned of dirt and old putty, remove damaged pieces of carpet.All wrapped, dried, then stuck onto cloth successively mastic.Along the lines of the cut paste from one or two patches, with a minimum width of 200 mm, coated with mastic on top and sprinkle with heated sand.Mastic is applied with brushes or brushes with coarse hair, and a small space - a spatula, well leveling it with a thin layer.

small width of cracks in the roof membrane is cut, cleaned, all debris removed, dried and pour hot mastic with okonopatkoy (filling the cracks with rags its seal), leveling and smoothing putty.Such places are to be covered patches.

If the entire roof is covered with tiny cracks, but does not leak, it is carefully cleaned of dirt, dried and coated with hot mastic, then sprinkle with heated sand.

Mates roll of carpet with exhaust sewer riser, television antennas and other pipes produced by setting sloping ledges around the pipe or rack.In this case, the upper layer of the carpet cover metal apron which is attached to the tube clamping clamp.To repair the roof of rolled materials, usually used finished mastic.Work with hot mastics must be performed carefully, observing safety precautions.Pastes made of different material - binders and fillers.Fillers are used perfectly dry, sifted through a fine sieve.They reduce the fragility of mastic at low temperatures and reduces the cost of binding.Fillers can be a peat crumb, chalk, small asbestos, ground slag or limestone, wood flour, and so on. N. Of these, the best fillers are considered asbestos and wood flour.Bitumens used oil, the refractory with a melting point of 70 to 90 ° C.For quick melting filled no more than 3/4 volume (more than fill the boiler is not recommended in order to avoid the fire).

consumption of mastic may be different, it is considered to be an average of 1-1.2 kg / m2.To prepare 10 kg of hot bitumen mastic is required: bitumen BN 70/30 (grade 4) - 8.3-8.5 kg and 1.5-1.7 kg filler.

Repair of the roof mastic

During the operation of the roof mastic it may crack.Sealing cracks produce polymer-modified mortar.

Cracks may appear in the catchment trays, at the interface with the drain funnel.

In this case, the epoxy compositions of dibutyl phthalate plasticized epoxy resin grades ED-5, EH-6, are by weight 5: 1.

hairline cracks up to 0.2 mm overwritten this lineup, and cracks more than 0.2 mm - open, cleared and are sealed flush.

Sometimes there is delamination of the concrete at the base of the roof.In this case, this layer is removed, place dedusted.Exposes coarse aggregate concrete.Then the cleaned concrete surface layer applied PVA dispersion diluted with water in ratio 1: 1.In the dry emulsion layer is applied a layer of polymer-solution.By emulsion layer placed one mesh fabric layer composed of a wire diameter of 0.7-1.2 mm, if the depth of peeling of 8 mm and an area of ​​0.25 m2.

layer polymer-solution for 24 hours (until hardened) must be protected from the rain, and thereafter it is applied waterproofing coating.

When restoring individual sections of its roof is cleaned from the remnants of the protective layer of mastic exfoliated, all kinds of cracks zashpaklevyvayutsya hot bitumen mastic.

When repairing extra mastic carpet at the junction remove protective aprons, clean old mastic carpet of debris, dirt, dust and fix elements on vertical sections.

If necessary, strengthen the roof membrane to the area 5 m wide asphalt emulsion mastic is laid, which is recessed to a complete impregnation fiberglass cloth, after drying putty is applied a second layer of mastic asphalt emulsion and after it dries restore apron made of galvanized steel.

Solid extra mastic carpet satisfied when the area damaged areas exceeds 40% of the total.After restoring damaged areas and surface cleaning is applied over the entire area one layer of a bitumen emulsion mastic 3-4 mm thick and the protective layer.

repair steel roofing

When using a steel roof must be done every year, the so-called maintenance, which is a partial replacement of the roof in some areas, the area does not exceed 10% of the total roof area.Under the current renovation meant installing patches, sealing cracks, painting the roof and replacement of damaged parts of the roof.Most of all, corrosion and razzhelobki nadstennye gutters because they have the smallest deviation.

before repairing the roof should be carefully prepared.To do this, first clean the roof from dust, dirt and rusty places first hard and then soft broom or brush.Rusty steel brushes clean the place, sweep away the dust and then paint over.After that, inspect the roof for the detection of cracks and punched places that often appear during the cleaning of snow shovels.Do it best in a sunny day, when even small holes are clearly visible.The inspection is two people - one of the attic (long stick), and the second on the roof - with a piece of chalk.Having found an opening, a man from the attic space denotes holes banged sticks.His partner on the roof, finding the hole, encircles around the chalk circle.Just completing the survey and identify all the defects begin to eliminate them.

When repairing a steel roof in some places used patches of two types: the width of the picture when the roofing sheets are worn on the plane, and intermediate - at damages in the ridge or beside them.For the device patch harvested leaf with some allowances for the size of the worn places.The allowances are used for connections.Damaged place open at this place stack list (patch), connecting it with the old bed-sheet and standing seam.The patches are connected to a double bed-fold in the valleys and wall trenches.In a particularly gentle slopes patches are connected with old sheets' sol- dered joints.Before installing the patch, they must proolifit, and after the final connection with old sheets weatherproof paint colorful compositions, while filling in and connections to prevent corrosion.

coating of steel roofing rolled materials:

and - in rows parallel to the ridge;b - the rows perpendicular to the ridge: 1 clamping ridges standing seam;2 - hot bitumen Z - roofing

If the repair steel roofing produce separate patches, the patches are cut from the canvas, burlap, or thick fabric for holes from 30 to 200 mm.Holes up to 30 mm without repair patches, their obscure Surikova putty, hot bitumen mastic or roofing.This roofing sheet for 30 to 40 mm around the opening of the pre-cleaned of dirt, rust, and double-greased from the roof and attic.

If patches are made of burlap or cloth, then prepare a liquid oil paint of grated iron or lead minium on natural drying oil, a well-cut patches impregnated her, keeping them in the paint 10-15 minutes.When lowered into the paint patch must be perfectly dry.Taking them out of the paint, squeeze lipshey of paint is applied to the repair space, carefully smoothing stiff brush or hands.Especially carefully smoothed edges.After 5 to 7 days glued patches dry out and you can start coloring.Paint should be in dry weather.If you have time to stain the roof to dust, it Neaten soft brush.

repair gutters, eaves, troughs and gutters are performed more often than most of the roof, as these elements are often subjected to mechanical stress when carelessly dropping snow and chipping ice in these parts of the roof moisture lingers longer.

If half the roof area has deteriorated, the entire roof replaced with new sheets.

the partial replacement of steel roofing work on preparation and installation of paintings is the same as in the construction of new steel roofs.The well-preserved old sheets taken from the roof, use the second for the average coating on the southern slope.They are pre-cleaned, cut around the perimeter, varnish and paint.Use them for critical parts of the roof, such as valleys, eaves, and so on. N. Is not recommended.

They should only apply the new steel.All seams and standing and recumbent before compression, carefully coat with putty on iron oxide.

In order to save steel roofing with a high degree of wear and tear can be repaired roll materials.Before starting work, remove the defects in the crate, then repair gutters, drainpipes and descents device.Attach the severed portions of the roof and expanded the place with nails, and the surface of the roof is cleaned of debris and rust metal brushes.Fabrics roll materials lay along and across the standing seam roof.When covering the standing seams along both sides nailed slats of triangular cross section and the same height rebated.Then, the surface of the roof and bars covered with hot bitumen, which is pasted on the cloth of roofing material.The works are from the eaves to the ridge so that each subsequent series of overlapping previously laid by 8 cm. When coating horizontal stripes standing seam can be bent to the plane of the roof.

There is another way to overhaul the steel roof - is the use of a roll-liquid polymer composition "Polikrov" without removing the old coating."Polikrov" - is an attempt to combine the polymer and liquid materials into a single composition."Polikrov" consists of a roll base reinforced with fiberglass "Polikrova - AR", which is attached to the base using mastic "Polikrova - M" and the top is covered with several layers of filler coating "Polikrova - L".Because of the roll based on "Polikrov" easily fits on the base and quickly adhered to it.And the top leveling layers create a seamless film, ennobling appearance of the roof.The polymer composition "Polikrov" has a wide range of colors, but it is better to give preference to the material is silver, since it clearly reflects the light and creates a long feeling of cleanliness of the roof.All mastic material composition ("Polikrov - M" and "Polikrov - A") is a one.

Typically, operation of the building is aging a mastic outer layer "Polikrova" directly exposed to UV - rays, ozone and atmospheric precipitation.Roller base is not exposed to the same negative effects.Therefore, the repair of the roof, made of "Polikrova" enough to update the filler layer ("Polikrov - A").

When repairing "Polikrovom" steel roof, except that the Capital sheets do not need to be removed, there are still a number of advantages:

- new roofing polymeric composition in many ways is superior to the old, metal;

- «Polikrov" only slightly increases the weight of the roof;

- the repair mnogoschiptsovyh roofs with complex geometry is almost no waste cut, as trim cover can be used for insulation of connections and joints.

repair technology of metal roofing polymer composition "Polikrov» Next:

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