Insulation baths and saunas

By Admin | Building Materials
30 May 2016

Deciding to build a bathhouse owner of the house involved in the construction process difficult, because Bath - not just a small wooden house with a stove.This is - a complex system, where you have to provide heating and hot water supply, sewage system ... And how many subtleties emerges during construction!And you break your head, how to keep the heat inside the bath, how to prevent excessive moisture and protect the sauna house from premature aging, decay, and other troubles.The answer is simple: to make additional insulation and a vapor barrier.

Fortunately for warming baths and saunas construction market offers interesting solutions combined "two in one" - for example, glass fiber mats, covered with foil (the letter "F" in the product name just means "foil layer").One side of the mat is covered with aluminum foil, which serves as a vapor barrier and reflects heat back into the room.Plus a "double" solution saves time, one who makes installation.

device heat and vapor barrier - is not the most comp

licated process, but it requires some knowledge and skills.The first stage - the installation frame, which will be attached glass.Vertical frame - blocks of wood 50x50 mm - nailed to the walls on the inside.The distance between the posts must be 550 mm.This limitation is due to the width of thermal insulation mats - 1200 mm.It is necessary to cut the mat in half - and you get a width of 600 mm.Cut the mat will slightly wider space between the uprights "extra" 50 mm needs to firmly kept in fiberglass frame due to its elasticity, and in this case does not require any additional fastening.

Mats necessarily installed foil side facing room - the foil acts as a vapor barrier.The joints between the insulation (with its foiled layer) and frame bars are glued special tape that was continuous vapor barrier.It is important not to allow the presence of cracks in the corners, so that the insulation does not accumulate condensation.In addition, the insulation should be tightly adjacent to the wall.Finally, the final stage: over the entire structure to a block of wood nailed paneling.

Recommended thickness of the insulation to the walls of the bath - 50 or 100 mm.In order to obtain a thickness of 100 mm, material is deposited in two layers 50 mm.Thus, as a first layer that is placed against the wall, using conventional mat uncoated foil.The second layer stacked mats coated with aluminum foil, and - it is important to stress - the foil layer to be located only on the side of the room.

common mistake is the desire to "wrap" insulation from all sides with foil or vapor tight foil.In this embodiment, a heater can not be ventilated, wet steam accumulates in the material, resulting in insulation becomes wet.To the walls were dry sauna, wet steam has to pass freely through the insulation layer and output to the outside through the wall.

Particular attention should be paid to insulation of floors (ceiling).Its design should be composed of several layers: the bottom is headlining, then steam, thermal insulation and the upper boardwalk.If the overlap is ready, do not worry - you can make a "double ceiling": the base is mounted thermal and steam, and then all the "stitched" clapboard.

insulation for the ceiling and floors need a thicker layer of insulation than the walls.If there is, we used mats of 50 mm thickness, then it will require the thickness of 100 mm - if the attic is heated, and 200 mm is necessary - if an attic is cold.To insulate the ceiling specialists recommend the use of mats, the inside of the room to which you want to attach a vapor barrier.You can also use the mats with the "built-in" vapor barrier.

Warming will make your bathhouse really warm - heat will stay longer in the room, and you can extend your enjoyment of the process.In addition, the insulation will keep the constructive elements of the bath or sauna in good condition: without rot, fungi and parasites - the constant companion of damp walls.My favorite room last you a lot longer and will give many years of health and high spirits