Frame house of sandwich panels

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016
With the construction of houses on a similar technology used industrially manufactured sandwich panel thickness of 150mm, which ensures regulatory requirements
of heat transfer resistance in Eropeyskoy part.

Sandwich panels are a three-layer structure: two steel sheet and a layer of insulation between them.Such technology is already used in the construction of industrial, commercial and public buildings.However, it does not rule out the possibility of their use in the construction of individual housing.Benefits
houses built of sandwich panels:

Lightweight panels and a high degree of prefabrication can significantly reduce installation time.

Economically developed system of joints and high-quality coverage, manufactured wall panels, reduce maintenance costs of the building.

excellent thermal properties panel allows to erect buildings in any climatic regions.Thermal resistance of 150 mm thick panels R = 3,95 m2 * C / W, with regulatory requirements for Moscow 3.2 m2 * C
/ W for the Irkutsk 3.9 m2 * C / W.

variety of colors and a variety of mounting options allow you to implement almost any architectural design.As a material for the outer and inner panel skins used steel thickness 0.5-0.7 mm with protective and decorative polymer coating (polyester, plastisol, Puranas polyvinyl fluoride).Coating color is determined by the customer through catalogs RAL and RaColor.

bearing structures in such a house is a wooden frame made of laminated veneer lumber, which carries the front panel and the rest of overlap or roof panels.

building sheathed integral first panel, and then in the panels are cut openings for windows and doors.

Sandwich panels do not need external decoration.Interior partitions in the discretion of the client built from plasterboard, blocks or bricks.

Inside possible creation finish any level respectively the destination premises.

ceilings are made of laminated veneer lumber, and the roof is also made of sandwich panels, which are then covered with roofing materials.It is also possible the construction of the roof truss by traditional technology.

Box finished house insulated and weather turns much faster than with other technologies construction.