The use of drywall in modern construction

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016
active use in the manufacture of gypsum board interior finishing work started in our country since the beginning of the 90s.It was at this time on the basis of the Krasnogorsk plant of building materials (TIGI) equipment was installed for the production of cardboard-gypsum sheets.Technical re-equipment of the plant was carried out by a German firm KNAUF.

Drywall is a sheet of gypsum core covered with special cardboard on all sides.The main advantages cardboard-gypsum sheet is its simplicity in use, environmentally friendly, easy, relatively high price, etc.With the help of cardboard-gypsum sheets can be made following the design: interior walls, wall coverings, suspended ceilings, various boxes and niches, etc ..

In recent years, for the production of drywall finishing works are used more and more construction companies.Initially innovators on the use of gypsum board were foreign construction companies, operating in our country.It is up to them to adopt the experience of works with plasterboard.Drywal
l installers first to work in foreign companies.And already then created their own construction companies and promoted technology plasterboard work on a building site in Moscow and other cities.At first, not everyone and not everyone managed smoothly.There were comments on the quality of work from a customer, but as they gain experience Russian specialists learned very well to work with plasterboard sheets.To date, major construction companies, engaged in finishing works, perfectly mastered the technique of working with plasterboard.So now the drywall is very popular like customers and builders.Designers began to lay in its construction projects of plasterboard.

Thus, the drywall as a building material, which only 15 years ago, only announced himself, is currently in demand, popular product.Consumption of gypsum board in the construction field all these years, continues to grow.And now, despite the fact that it is produced almost a dozen plants, there is a shortage of this material.It is safe to assume that in the coming years, a positive trend of consumption of gypsum board will increase.In our opinion drywall manufacturers in our country and other countries should take into account this fact and strive to open up new production capacity for plasterboard in the country