Construction material - foam concrete

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016

At this stage of the construction is increasingly being used fairly "young" building material - foam concrete.This is one of the varieties of cellular concrete.Produce foam cement, sand, water with foaming special material.

Easy manufacturing foam blocks made of foam concrete blocks production of a good enough business.Purchased equipment for the manufacture of blocks pay off rather quickly after its launch.At this stage of building technologies use two types of equipment - installation with a steam generator and without steam.

Manufacturing penotobetonnyh blocks by three main methods:

  1. first method for manufacturing of foam concrete blocks is to use a special metal forms.The cassette is filled with foam concrete form.In these forms with built-in partitions configured the desired size of future foam blocks.Foam concrete is poured into the already configured cluster shape retained until complete hardening (about 10 hours).The result is a ready-made concrete blocks of the desired size.
  2. Another method of production - it is cutting the finished foam.The liquid foam poured into a larger form, which has no partitions.Leave well as to complete solidification.Ready large frozen block petonobetona automatically cut to the required size foam blocks with special saws.
  3. often for the production of foam blocks of the same size using special units with a fairly simple principle of action.Ready foam is poured into blocks of the same size, and after curing, resulting blocks, squeezed into the tray.Forms for the preparing while lubricated.

foam concrete as a building material has a number of advantages

Air blocks act as thermal insulation and sound-proof material

used in the construction of foam concrete blocks reduces costs for insulation and soundproofing walls.Since the foam on the technical characteristics are well able to absorb sound waves without reflecting them, and do not conduct heat.

This waterproof and fireproof material

foam blocks studies have shown that the foam block moisture-resistant material, which ensures their durability of use, and has good fire properties.

foam concrete blocks - building material is lightweight.

weight foam concrete blocks is much lower than that of similar building materials, which significantly reduces the load on the bearings and mounting structure.Since the material is light weight it is easier to transport.