Interior plasterboard partitions

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016
plasterboard partitions are one of the types of partitions frame type.They are carried out as follows.The first step is the installation partition frame of galvanized profile.In the second stage by means of special screws and self-tapping screws to fasten galvanized profile sheets of drywall.Depending on the purpose of the partition plates can be fixed to 1, 2, 3 layers.Inside the walls of this type are generally laid heat-sound insulation, such as mineral wool.The third and final stage of the construction of plasterboard partitions is shpaklevanii joints, priming and other painting works.

plasterboard partitions have several advantages over conventional:

  • high speed of installation;
  • low specific weight - 25-50 kg. / Sq.m .;
  • high levels of insulation;
  • cavities for flush mounting of various utilities;
  • minimization of "wet" processes;
  • perfectly smooth surface for finishing;
  • minimal effort;
  • high rates of fire insulation.
Thanks to such advantages plasterboard partitions are widely used in the
construction industry.Since drywall is an environmentally friendly product, it is used in child care centers, hospitals, etc.In addition, the plasterboard partitions are often used by designers and designers to perform work in a residential area in the construction of cottage homes and apartments.It plasterboard partitions can solve complex design solutions, such as curved walls, bulging walls, walls with arched openings.In such cases, conventional baffle difficult to apply.

When using moisture-resistant drywall partitions this type of equipment has been used successfully in the bathrooms.Here you can flush-mounted communication particularly facilitates the production of finishing works, as it is in the bathrooms high concentration of utilities.Oil paint surface can be easily covered with ceramic tiles, which are often used in bathrooms.All kinds of special fasteners and brackets for plasterboard makes it easy to place on the cardboard-gypsum partitions plumbing fixtures.

Thus, plasterboard partitions have a very wide range of applications and the prospect of their use in modern construction is very high.