Hazardous building materials

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016

today often build their own home cheaper apartment.The point is to find an apartment in Moscow worth less than 400 conventional units per square meter is very problematic.

cost is not an ordinary box, and the erection of the foundations and walls of costs 200 - 250 of those same dollars.However, in the construction of the house has many of its pros and cons, about which it is worth remembering at all times.

How often guided philistine when building a house?

Answer: Unfortunately, mostly economical cost of construction materials.Of course, this applies not to all.However, the average steward often forced to count every penny to build a house.

So, the question: "What is the cost to build a house?" Is usually considered only in monetary terms.Much later, comes the understanding that the cheapness of materials it is necessary to compensate for the health.

If you want all households living in a new home was safe in terms of health, you first need to pay attention not only on the price of building ma

terials for the future of the house.

First of all, it is necessary to study the characteristics of building materials for homes and consumer quality and properties.

Traditionally, during the construction of "boxes" at home is a choice between building materials - wood or brick.Pros and cons has one and the other.

Tree in environmental terms is considered to be the most successful.However, the tree house was only for you, excluding carpenter beetles and other animals, it must treated with a special compound.

Also, do not forget that the tree over time, subject to decay, that is, treat it at least two compounds need.

Now imagine that eventually happens to these compositions?

They are not just evaporate and eventually wood processing should be carried out again and again.

Good Burnt bricks in this regard is more secure, but if the house is on the ground with high humidity, the walls, even with very careful heating rarely warmed to the desired temperature.If the house is heated regularly, frequent colds everyone living in your home provided.

third most environmental building material for the construction of the house is considered to be concrete and its derivatives: foam concrete, aerated concrete.

Asbestos, used to make the slate in Europe simply denied.If you want to save on high-quality tiles, you can cover the roof slate.But think about it more than once: asbestos released into the air the smallest particles, causes irritation of the lungs, and when heated can cause lung cancer.The same applies to products of different kinds of plastic mass.Sewer pipes and fittings made of plastic today.
As for interior decoration and interior design, the finishing materials are harmful to health even more.You can start, for example, paints and varnishes, which, incidentally, are used not only for internal but also external works.Adhesives for flooring, paints and varnishes can be dangerous, not only over time, but immediately after painting, as easily cause burns to the respiratory tract.

From paints should be wary of synthetic and what is available solvents.They emit a pungent odor and very toxic.When drying particles of the metal-metal ink may contaminate the furniture, food, the air, and from there into the body without adding joy health.

To paint, for example, windows, people prefer PVC windows.The substance is so often used in interior decoration (baseboards, moldings and corners) - polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is decomposed and released into the air harmful substances when exposed to air at room temperature and sunlight.Styrofoam and polystyrene, are part of many otelochnyh materials are in the number of hazard as polyvinyl chloride.

particleboard, which is now found almost everywhere, used in the manufacture of furniture and decoration.At a temperature of 20 ° C phenol contained in the DSP, it starts to evaporate.If the surface is veneered particle board material with poor air exchange, concentration of phenol under it is not just harmful and dangerous.Phenol long been recognized as a carcinogen, is actively influencing the central nervous system.Furniture made of particle board, it is desirable for some time to leave the disassembled for ventilation.

In general, if desired, of course, harmful substances can be found in almost all construction materials.Yes there building materials?They are everywhere: in the air, soil, food!

However, please note!The eco-friendly flooring with normal radioactivity can unknowingly cover toxic varnish and make it a slow killer.So carelessly refers to the choice of coverage or any construction material otelochnogo not worth it.

required in the construction and repair of houses and apartments, pay attention to the selection of building materials: study guide, see customer reviews.Most often, the most dangerous to human health adopted construction and finishing materials produced in China and Turkey, iethe cheapest.

Saved you money when you buy low-quality construction materials still then go for the purchase of medicines and medical invitation for you and your loved ones.And what could be more expensive than health?Obviously not cheap and most importantly, building material harmful to the future of your home!