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29 May 2016
laminated panels advertised as flooring, which can easily be mounted in a single day, even if ever there was such an experience.What is the minimum of knowledge about the panels need to have to buy them and was able to put not only quickly, but also without error?

First of all it is necessary to ensure the suitability of the premises for the use of laminate flooring?To do this, check whether the subfloor appropriately for such work, and the humidity does not exceed the permissible limits?The base under the panel must be smooth, dry and stable.Humidity is the cement base should not exceed 2%, and anhydrite - 3%, if it is, then you should wait until it is dry, or select a different material for the floor.

basis for stacking the panels may be old parquet floor, ceramic tiles or mosaics, PVC, carpet with a short nap (in this case it is not necessary to use noise absorbing lining) or the board (if you need to be laid across the panel).Regardless of the type of base, it should be smooth and strong, otherw
ise laminated panel will bend and sink.Most of the panels can not be laid in areas where they may become wet or humidity greater than 70% (eg, bathroom or sauna).Now on the market represented only a collection of laminate flooring intended for use in the bathroom.This became possible due to the fact that the joints plates (through which water could easily get inside) closed with rubber strips.Speaking of the kitchen, then no contraindications.For this room there were collections of laminated panels that mimic the floor tiles, but are warmer and easy to install.Laminate can also upload and staircases.
panels can be laid on the floor with heating, provided that he is not electrically heated, and water.This is a very important condition: the electric heating are significant jumps in temperature and not the panel will heat up and cool down gradually, but only sharply and quickly, from which they will last a long time.

All manufacturers accurately indicate in which areas they can be stacked panels.Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to carefully read the attached information.If you find that your room does not meet the required conditions, it is better not to risk it and immediately choose a different type of flooring.


method of connection.

Panels interconnected on the basis of the adhesive, or snap glueless (using spikes and slots).The second method is easier and faster.Another advantage of such panels - the possibility of dismantling and re-installation (it should be careful, because the multiple connection and disconnection panels weakens the attachment, and cheapest option, it may simply break off).Panels also glued together or joined together without glue, are fastened tight and less prone to water penetration.That is why they are advised to stack, for example, in the kitchen.


resolutely do not buy flooring unknown manufacturers, because the detection of marriage there will be nobody to claim.Buying laminated panels, check their thickness: the thicker the base, the greater the thickness of the laminate.Standard thickness is 8mm, but in recent years more and more invited panels of 6-7 mm.If 7 mm panel can still be used, then the 6-mm is absolutely not suitable, as it is - the cheapest products, usually sold in supermarkets under the promotions.Laminate layer in such panels is symbolic, but the quality and durability of fastenings do not hold water!Furthermore the slab thickness is also important and the material from which it is made.Decidedly better than traditional MDF is HDF, since it is more durable.If you want to check what level of endurance layer laminate, then look for the information on the packaging of the test results Taber (Taber).Such testing would know wear panels using a special erasing apparatus laminate and determining after how many thousand revolutions there will be damages on the coating?The weakest panel with resistance from 4500 to 6000 rpm are suitable for installation, for example, in the apartment that can be rented for a short time, or in the bedroom, where barefoot.The panels, with the result of 7000 to 10500 rpm, can be used in the room, even in the hall, on the condition that they are covered with at least a small pad at locations most susceptible to abrasion.The panels of the latter group to withstand 11 000 - 20 000 rpm can be installed not only in the entrance hall and reception, or even in the office.These panels are called industrial.

If you buy wood panels, you should pay attention to the thickness of the upper layer (such panels can scrape), and the resistance of this type of tree damage and abrasion (as determined by the test Brinnel (Brinnel)).In places where a lot of traffic (for example, rooms) are recommended floor coverings resistant beech, oak, ash and hornbeam.Products with lower parameters (much cheaper) - maple, birch, alder - quite suitable for use in the bedroom.In intensively used areas (entrance, corridor, staircase) will last the longest panel hardwood exotic trees.


panels are placed primarily as a kind of "floating" cover, that is not connected to the "black" floor (only some wooden panels can be glued to the base, as the parquet).That is what creates increased akkustichnost such coverage.To reduce the noise from steps and various sounds in a room, manufacturers use an additional layer of sound and noise insulation.This layer (usually made of rubber or felt), a thickness of 1-3 mm, is fixed on the bottom wall panel.Such flooring is more expensive, but they are worth it, because it can reduce the noise level by almost 2 times!


patterns and colors.

Huge selection allows to realize any idea.Well, if the floor is a shade close to the color of the door and door jambs, but contrast with the furniture.In practice, the choice of color and pattern should look like this: First, you need to choose the type of panels, the store asked to show the different color solutions.Select a few of them and buy one piece, warning that example and return home, making a major purchase, and the panel will return.


panel usually sell square meters, packaged in packs, but some stores are practicing the piece for sale.If you are afraid that it is wrong to calculate the size of the cover, then ask the seller to do it for you, specifying only the dimensions of the room.Theoretically, the need to purchase more than 8-10% of the material, but practically, the amount will depend on the shape of the room, the number of bends and recesses and protruding from the floor of central heating pipes.


Together with the panels need to buy a special glue, made not of water-based (water-based glue is absolutely not suitable!).Most often, it is sold in bottles of 0.5 liters (one bottle is enough for 15-20 sq m).For panels mounted without glue, useful special vodootpornaya weight.You also need oilcloth that unfolds under the panels, so that it protects them from moisture (not required if the base wood or wood-based panels).Under the flooring with no soundproofing, put a layer of foam, cardboard or cork (cork board and useful floor heating), which will not only improve sound insulation, but also align the foundation.You should also buy a plinth (very good are those that are fastened on the buttons as provide an opportunity to hide the cables) and outlet pipe covering transitions.From tools required: screed laying, hammer, block pads and wedges.Some of them can be bought, and some borrow in the store (it is better to ask the seller to be more profitable).


package of panels should be packed in oilcloth, and thorns, and the corners of the board - more closed corrugated cardboard.If oilcloth, especially in the corners, is damaged, you should check to see whether the affected panels themselves (for example, whether broken spikes or scratched laminate)?Each scratch, dent or abrasion damage is.It is better to ask to replace the pack to another, in the original unopened packaging.

panels should be transported in a closed car in order not to expose them to rain or frost.During transport, the stack should lie flat on the floor.It is strictly forbidden to put the package in the trunk for a spare wheel or other automotive accessories, as panels may fracture.Also avoid too much pressure on one pack, the whole weight is distributed evenly.On the foam should not pay so much attention and can carry the rolled or folded several times.If it pomnetsya or even tear, nothing terrible will happen.

main condition for successful installation of laminate flooring is the exact fulfillment of the enclosed instructions, you should be sure to contact the seller.Regardless, it is worth remembering a few practical recommendations.

door frames and doors.If the panels will be mounted on the old floor, be sure to cut the part of the frame and the door.To do this, place a plate on the floor with the foam and measure out exactly how much to cut.

"floating" floor.The coating, which should be installed as a "floating" (without attachment to the main floor), in any case can not be glued, nailed or screwed screws, as this will prevent the free movement of the panels.That is why they can not be laid back to back, but only 5-15 mm space from elements such as walls or pipes.The indentation can not be too narrow or too wide, so that later turned out to be not that the plinth is not closing the gap.

thermal expansion.Between the individual rooms and rooms with a wall length of over 8 m and an area of ​​40 square meters, be sure to make the thermal expansion gap of 12-15 mm.For this purpose are special expansion strips.

How to start?The first row of panels laid side wall with studs, while adjusting the gap width special cubes.The second row begins with stacking panel piece remaining from the first row, with the proviso that it is not shorter than 30 cm. The number of 2-3 should first put without glue, check whether they lie exactly and only after this panel can prokleivat.Excess adhesive should be returned immediately to the surface of the laminate flooring.

panel width corresponds to the length of the room.Before installing the floor, you should calculate the width of the last row.If the result is less than 5 cm, then the first row need not be laid on the whole, and truncated (narrower) panels so that the latter has reached the desired width.

Ties and wedges.Clay dries 5-12 hours.After this time the wedges should be removed expand.If they do not use it within a few days the floor "rise" because of the lack of holes thermal expansion.Imposing ties, it is necessary to pay attention not to pull the panel very much, because they can pop out.To prevent such unpleasant moments can be, putting on laminate something heavy, and then install the screed.

plinth.Skirting the panels can be installed in three ways: on the glue, screws and buttons.The most convenient mounting - is key.Every time you will need to disassemble them, you can easily do it.In addition, you can hide them under the electric wires.Skirting mounted on an ongoing basis (with glue or screws) can not attach both to the panel and to the wall (this makes it impossible for the movement of the floor covering), but only to the wall.

professional help.If during the installation of flooring you decide that overestimated their strength or ability, immediately consult a specialist.Although pay a little more, but in any case, do not spoil the material