House of the Future

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016
recently created new construction materials, water absorbent used in the manufacture of underground storage of heat.These elements are very easy to maintain, durable, resistant to external influences, do not pollute the environment and to effectively retain heat.


House of the Future building of the future are required: to minimize a local source of energy, which interacts with the most efficient source of renewable thermal energy;The clever design of the building, built with modern insulation materials and equipment;and the restoration of the lost heat.

Solar energy - the most effective, alternative sources of energy.To date, solar thermal collectors work very well.But it should make them more effective.To do this, you must use them in combination with a sound system of thermal energy storage, which is stable to supply heat or cool your home all year round, at night, on cloudy days and in winter (seasonal use).

Other sources such as geothermal, lose their energy while passing water over the communication
channel and through the cooling and conditioning.Technology based on boilers with biomass and micro-generators, too, can be regarded as an alternative source of energy, but the storage of generated energy is also needed.

Battery thermal energy is the main part of the wide range of alternative energy sources and ways to recover the lost heat, the available technology, without which it would not be an alternative heating sufficiently effective.Although the conservation of energy is not in itself visible, but the total number of "salvation" in your energy, home, neighborhood, city - immense.

needed high-performance construction and insulation materials that reduce the cost of energy recovery and increase the efficiency of accumulation.Each newly constructed building must have its own system of keeping warm, if you can install it relatively easy and inexpensive.On private plot possible deployment is very limited, so that, as a rule, used underground publication that does not use the usable area inside and outside the home, and can be completed as as a supplement.These underground systems require less insulation, since the closed top of the building itself, and the ground also plays the role of thermal insulator.

Any heat from alternative and renewable sources of energy need to accumulate in special storage, and above all, they must be used in accordance with the concepts of modern houses that would operate more efficiently.We must strive to the length of the path along which the energy was the shortest as possible.So an appropriate system of conservation Tepa become a key technology in future heating and air conditioning.

New Building Materials

In accordance with the above concepts Orange Depot Systems has developed a new building material, which is a special inorganic solids, divided into blocks of the desired size and having a porous structure.It has property to absorb water up to 80% of its volume, the number of which is directly dependent on the pressure of fluid retained in the capillaries of the material.The porous material may be used for completion without the need to install the pool or tank.

This material comprises a conventional building components such as cement, lime, sand and others. Additive, so that it can all simply be coordinated, is set at a low cost.The substance can not only to store heat to 90 degrees Celsius, but also at a temperature close to zero.The system can be supplied by the manufacturer as a complete and separate small module as the battery system, together with all the necessary plumbing equipment.

There is an option of delivery mechanisms for making and curing the material directly on site.Storage Elements can be located under the foundation, in the basement, under the patio or in the garden, according to customer requirements.The material properties are adjusted to the individual requirements of the customer, since it can be used as a reinforcing material.

In such a case it is convenient to hold it through the water with hot water, as an additional source of heat.From an economic point of view, this is best done when the pipe was just laid, or there is a reconstruction of the carriageway near the house.In the latter case, all underground utilities within a town or city can be merged into a single heat-network (pictured left), which is a very promising solution to scale town or city.

Choice remaining constructive and design solutions is not limited.

implementation and use

basic idea is patented in Germany and an international.

technology is still experimental and needs to finalize the implementation of specific examples for a particular customer.Orange Depot Systems can do it together with the license partner.Currently registered patent in Germany and German company belongs.