Base of ceramic tiles

By Admin | Building Materials
29 May 2016

Cap protects the facade from dirt, falling to the ground in the rain and melting snow, the height of the cap often reaches the level of the floor of the first floor, there are many ways to finish this item at home.Very popular solution is lined cap ceramic tiles, the thickness ranges from 8 to 17mm, so the tile can be used during repair or upgrade old houses.Depending on the shape and size of the tiles, cladding can resemble tile or masonry of clinker.

Base plinth under the tile must be sound, smooth, free of dust and dirt, dirt and bumps reduce the adhesion, as a result can cause peeling tiles.Before you start laying tile gruntuem base, thanks to its water absorption decreases, and the base is not unduly absorb the water from the adhesive solution.

Then define the level you want to start laying the first row of tiles.To do this, count how many rows of tiles need to stick to it, the cap height divided by the width of the tile, increased the width of the seam.For example, if the height of the plint

h is 27 cm, and we want it oblitsevat tile width 6.5sm performing 6mm joints, we must stick 4 rows (27: 7.1 = 3.8) from laying slightly below ground level.Above the top row of tiles a gap width of about 5-6mm, which we fill acrylic or poliurelitanovoy weight.To make the same level over the entire length of the cap, nailed the start bar - it can be a long rake steel profile or a simple board.

to fill the joints between the tiles using an elastic, frost weight for grouting clinker, grout, which color contrasts with the color of the tiles will give a facing even greater similarity to the clinker and draw attention to the cap.

before gluing the tile must be properly prepared base, first of all, should remove the remnants of dried plaster.Carefully align the bottom edge of the plaster - it's very easy, if the surface of the facade with stucco dismissed the profiles, then it is enough to recapture a little plaster, glass is a plaster profile, it's best to do it with a chisel and hammer.With a two-meter rack check whether the flat surface of the cap, if the deviation exceeds 4mm surface, put on her leveling compound, the new scratch coat is overwritten to obtain a smooth surface.

evenly distribute the adhesive solution the flat side of a steel trowel and then spend it on its toothed side using poluterok with teeth carved to a depth of 8 mm, we obtain the necessary for laying ceramic tiles adhesive layer thickness of about 4 mm.Laying begin with the outer corner, the tiles in subsequent rows are shifted by half a length to facing masonry reminiscent of clinker.Pressed tiles in the adhesive layer, the joints between tiles insert spacers crosses, because they find it easier to comply with the same thickness of seams.

After two or three days after gluing tiles we can produce the grout joints, causes the solution involved a rubber spreader obliquely to the seams when the seam is slightly dries, smooth it with a damp sponge, Clean the surface of the tile by washing it with warm water with a sponge.

tile is glued to ispolzovaniemelastichnogo and frost-resistant adhesive solution, it needs to allocate only part of the surface on which you can lay tile for 10-30 minutes, that is, before the adhesive starts to dry up.The adhesive mortar should be evenly distributed, as any empty space under the tile allows the penetration of water, the water under the tiles in the winter freezes, expands and literally tears the tiles from the cap.

It is best to lay the tiles in a double glue: Glue is applied on the substrate and on the tile, then after pressing the tiles to the wall solution completely fills the space under the lining.All the dirt from the solution should be immediately removed while they are fresh - they can be washed with a sponge and warm water, dried require the use of special drugs and sharp instruments.Mixing mortar for grouting, should strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations: in case of adding a large amount of water than recommended by the manufacturer, we do not get the expected color grout, moreover, weaken the solution.