Granite paving

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

Granite cobbles has an excellent anti-shock, vibration, pressure, temperature, is resistant to rain, so optimally suited for paving.

If you look at the old streets of European cities, paved in granite, we see that over the past century, they are well preserved, and fulfill its functional purpose until now.It is worth noting that in addition to high strength characteristics, granite paving has a magnificent appearance, allowing you to get elegant and nice looking cover.

Granite pavers

now also important is the fact that the granite paving stones do not soften during the summer and does not emit volatile petroleum products of decay, as is the case with so popular in recent decades asphalt.

According to the latest data, the asphalt when heated above 25 degrees Celsius from its surface begin to evaporate the carcinogens that cause irreparable harm to human health.In addition, the paving does not interfere with greenery to make the necessary water for their growth and gas exchange.

paving operation does not raise an

y special difficulties - its quite easy to clean and handle.And the fact that the life of the paving is not even measured in decades, for centuries has been said.

sett is porous, so the water gets to it, the moisture drains directly into the substrate and the surface of the pavers defies destruction.Available on the pavement gaps allow water to evaporate through the tiled floors, which causes the lack of paving stones on the surface of water puddles.

granite stone blocks can be performed manually (which makes it possible to use it in a private building in the small area), and with the help plitkoukladochnoy technology.

If there is a need for any repair work, the paving slabs of paving stones can be easily dismantled and then, after repairs, and easy to assemble back.Therefore, paving optimally used in areas under which laid all sorts of underground utilities.

Colour paving can vary, while the color saturation is not substantially changed over time.All the above facts and ensure relevance and popularity of pavers for a long period of time.