House penopolistirolbetona

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

market of building materials and construction technology used is very wide and diverse.Penopolistirolbetonnye blocks appeared on the Russian construction market not so long ago, about a quarter of a century ago.The invention of this material has helped to replace those used in the construction of exterior walls of materials such as polystyrene, mineral wool insulation, which are outdated in their technical characteristics, and do not meet the requirements of modern construction industry.

What is penopolistirolbetonnye blocks?There are several varieties of this building material: concrete, foam and penopolistirolbeton.All of them belong to the category of "light" of concrete.

But among these building materials blocks penopolistirolbetona differ in their properties and improved processing characteristics that provide them with increased demand and the interest of the customer.
are these blocks of concrete and specially treated polystyrene pellets.As a result of their compounds are blocks that are used

in the construction of exterior walls.

What is the advantage penopolistirolbetonnyh blocks in front of gas concrete and foam concrete?They are much stronger method of their production is quite simple and economical, with a wide range of bulk density.

houses, built of blocks penopolistirolbetonnyh, reliable.The combination of their composition of polystyrene and concrete provides good sound insulation, fire resistance, thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity.Construction of houses, built of penopolistirolbetona, very economical.Cut costs by reducing the thickness of the walls, due to the small weight of the building, which in turn eliminates the need for expensive deep foundation and without the use of heavy construction equipment.The technology used in the masonry walls of the blocks that are glued together with special glue, gives an excellent result.The interconnect joints formed tight seams (no "bridges" the cold).This makes the house warm, and saves money and energy for heating the house later that so important nowadays.

good waterproofing and vapor permeability to prevent the formation in the home dampness, mold and mildew.This building material meets all health standards, not harmful to human health (eg, polystyrene foam is used in the food industry).

using building blocks of varying thickness and shape are significantly reduced construction time facilities.And because the material is easy to process, even unskilled workers, or by the customer, with a minimum experience of the builder, can in a short time to build a friendly and comfortable home.

construction of housing units penopolistirolbetonnyh cheaper and more economical than building from other traditional materials, while not inferior to them in qualities such as elasticity of the material, durability, resistance to frost.The surface of the walls of penopolistirolbetona very well treated at the outer and inner walls, is not difficult during installation, and communications.The ability to change the shape and size of the blocks - a space for creativity in the arrangement of the interior of the building all kinds of architectural elements (arches, original openings).

Of course, this is not a complete list of all the benefits and advantages penopolistirolbetona.But these qualities give us the opportunity to put penopolistirolbeton on a par with the most popular building materials industry.

opportunities provided for housing from penopolistirolbetona, unlimited, thus it is necessary to consider that penopolistirolbeton combines the best features of the famous building materials: durable as concrete, easy to handle, like a tree, plus the quality of expanded polystyrene (heat andsound insulation, low thermal conductivity).