Roofing shingle

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

in distant antiquity were common technology roofing shingles, planks or shingles, wood is the main material for the roof.A distinctive feature of wood - durability and good wear resistance.To date, the production of wooden roofing revives interest in the growing of professionals and private customers.The most popular among construction technology uses shingle roofing.

Compared with shingles shingled plates thicker, which provides increased durability and reliability.Shingle Floor has all the qualities of an ideal coating: reliability, durability, aesthetic appeal, environmental friendliness, low weight and good sound insulation.

Gaunt is a piece of material is carefully selected larch wood.

Larch wonderful material, resistant to rotting due to tar, besides a good antiseptic.The wood must be free of knots and only the lower part of the butt of the tree.


During production, the material passes about ten manufacturing operations and each completed quality control.Produce wooden s

hingle manual and mechanized, but the quality is higher than in the production of hand, the wizard selects the direction in which to split the workpiece without destroying the internal structure of the capillaries.This method extends the life of the roof covering and obtained relief surface.

Next pieces of splitting them, get a plate-chips, which later transformed into a single-piece wooden shingles.Dimensions can be a life different from 200-800 mm in length and across the width of 60-200.Chipped shingles is more expensive compared to the sawing, the splitting of the wood to disperse along the grain and wood pores remain closed along the fibers in the operation of the water flows, and chipped absorb moisture and rot faster.The advantage of shingle that it can be put on the roof of any configuration.


When laying do not need to be a professional construction business, but it takes skill.Wooden shingles used for roofing with a slope of 18-90 degrees, but the specifications are different for shingle roof slope 18-70 degrees from the shingle to tilt 71-90 degrees.Plates stacked in three layers, after overlapping the previous layer, leaving 6 to 24 cm, depending on the angle of slope of the roof surface.Do not need to install complicated and cumbersome system of rafters, a square meter weighs 14-17 kg.

After fabrication of trusses, flooring boards fit, then plank Roofing films breathable membrane.Next konrobreshetka and nailed crate of bars at a distance of 1/3 of the shingle.They are bottom-up horizontal rows, close fit roofing material.Secure the shingles over the top of galvanized nails, letting a soft wire, spinning it on each nail to one turn to the ends of the boards are not curled.At the ends of the ridge shingles is passed into the slot selected in the log or can be covered with boards.