Hazardous materials

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

However, according to experts from different countries, substandard building materials can greatly affect human health.

Not all the retail products have been tested and have all the guests, so the level of risk is always high.

Hazardous materials Take, for example, conventional wall hangings. Surprisingly, the wallpaper have a good breathing.Many of these materials without additional windings generate poisonous benzene body.

That is why choosing the wallpaper is made of paper or other natural plant materials.

Known for its beauty vinyl wallpaper is best left to the hall and other rooms in which people spend a minimum amount of time.For the nursery, kitchen, bedroom better not to save and choose "breathable" materials.

Always remember that saving on the wallpaper, you save money on your health, which is not subject to any recovery.

Ceramic tiles can also be a source of danger.And toxins allocates not the tile (and although this is possible, but unlikely), and glue with which the material is assigned.In this case

it is necessary to wash more frequently and ventilate the room with tile.

Flooring can greatly damage the health.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the cover carefully and wisely.Ask for expert advice or get some different feature articles.

However, it is worth noting that the most environmentally friendly flooring material is considered.However, this does not mean protection from toxic gases and vapors.Fake varnishes that are applied to the floor, can give off a lot of harmful liquids.Laminate and linoleum can also threaten human health, because the exact composition of the linoleum is often extremely difficult to learn.Moreover, formaldehyde, releasable laminate can cause serious diseases of the nervous system.

On lacquers , which we have already mentioned, you should get a little more.The "risk" can be written to the lacquers and just paint.These materials consist of a plurality of chemical compounds.After staining paint highlights a variety of substances that are harmful to human health.

is therefore necessary to thoroughly ventilate the room in which there were working with paint with varnish.Even two or three days is not enough, and so, for the sake of his health is to be patient, because the consequences would be dire.Allocated varnishes and paints toxins may contribute to the development of kidney disease, liver.