Wall Decoration

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016
And what do not like plaster?Not that that is sold in a store, put up in bags of 20-30 kg and standing expensive bag of cement.A common - one part cement + lime razbodyazhennaya ductility + 3 parts sand (well this is so - suspended).Unclear.

So, let's consider the basic aspects of heavy plaster case and compare them with plasterboard craft technology

Someone thinks that the FCL is installed faster than plastered stucco.I will object.Plaster can be no less lightning than zagipsokartonit.

For example, high-quality plaster walls is made of 100 m2 135.72 per person / hour.The same amount of turns a little faster zagipsokartonit - 128.85 per person / per hour - that is,only 5.3% faster (data on labor and materialozatratom - from Grandsmety, or rather - of the Federal edenichnye Quotations).And here lies the big disadvantage of plaster, which is not much like professional builders, but more or less painlessly may suffer mortals.

Drying .While
plaster dries and becomes completely light - about the fut
ure processes such as putties, color can be forgotten.In principle, the private trader who considers your money, you can wait a week - that means time for your home, right?

costs for materials
Well, here taxis and plaster zapinyvaet GCR one wicket.Judge for yourself:

  1. Fasteners for mounting drywall: plastic plugs - 190 pieces.(190 rubles)
  2. Fasteners for mounting drywall: metallmetall pointed screws 3,5x9,5 - 50 pcs.(10 rubles)
  3. Fasteners for mounting plasterboard: plasterboard screws metal 3,5x35 - 140 (56 rubles)
  4. standard Sheets of plasterboard, Knauf, thickness of 8-10 mm - 105 m2 (8,400 rubles)
  5. Mounting plasterboard: profile guide 50x40x0,55 - 70 m (1170 rubles)
  6. Mounting plasterboard: Ceiling profile 60x27 - 200 m (4,700 rubles)
  7. Mounting plasterboard: the suspension of direct 60x27 - 70 pieces (350 rubles)
  8. Total - 14876 rubles / 100 m2 or 149 rubles / m2

Plaster (layer 2 cm):
  1. solution ready finishing hard, cement-lime 1: 1: 6 - 2.5m3
  2. Lump lime for construction, grade 1 - 350 kg (2450 rubles)
  3. slag for general and special-purpose mark of 300 - 510 kg (2346 rubles)
  4. sand for construction works for the finishing plaster layer natural very fine- 2.75 m3 (2400 rubles)
Total - 7196 rubles. / 100 m2 or 72 rubles / m2

As we can see, the materials on the plaster 2.07 times less than GCR.By tremendous Unfortunately, the expense for materials for plastering depends strongly on the curvature of the walls.But there is one trick, to which all my friends have resorted Drywall, justifying the need for precisely aligning drywall walls.Dialogues take place as follows (with intonations of a film about Bukin):

FCL: you have the wall curves.Deviations from the vertical 1.5-2-3 see
Customer: Oh, what do you do
FCL: you can plaster, but think for the thickness of what will be.It must be so and 2 cm, plus your 1,5-2 cm align - all 4-5 cm will be released.Well this is a layer which, yes, he is under their own weight fall off.The grid will need to plaster have two or three times.Better drywall - again - and ready.
Customer: I love you, do what you want.

So - ha-ha three times.The thickness of the plaster is taken 2 cm on average.In fact it (plaster) obtained by varying the thickness.If the bulge on the wall - plaster reduces almost no up to 3-4 mm.If, on the contrary - "vpuklost" - the thickness of the gallop increases to 3.5 cm. A 2 cm beyond the average across the wall.In my practice, no one customer had not dopetrival than all shamelessly enjoy.So that the walls with deviations up to 2 cm. Can be safely cover the plaster and worry about increasing the thickness of the layer.Also often very healthy bulge (sticking on all - especially her love to cite as an example Drywall) can simply podtesat

Aesthetics Nonsense.The plaster can be done exactly like ....like ... like surface of the lake in calm weather.Drywall can be installed on a larger sounding like a washboard.Everything depends on the diligence.

Operation Plaster rapidly forging ahead, GCR and remained at the start.A good plaster reliable, strong, does not breach with a sharp Leaning on it, easy to repair certain places.

GCR - far less plaster;Furniture accounts for hanging any differently to excel;conceals the area of ​​the room;in theory (I have not seen) beautiful habitat for all sorts of bugs, spiders, mice, krysok.

Summary :
  • case of deviations walls 2-2.5 cm can be safely applied plaster.
  • case of deviations of up to 4 cm - is an occasion to think about.
  • With very uneven walls, you can still make plaster - if the operation outweigh considerations.
  • Drywall better to use in case of frame houses.Or when deadlines draw in strongly.Or excessive moisture threatens something ...