Useful nails

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

The vast majority of people do not realize how wide the range of nails.It would seem that the only function of nails - the bond two pieces of wood.You can use them for hanging pictures.This functionality nails for the average resident of the jungle stone finishes.That is why we now consider all the main types of fastener.

nails So, the first place in popularity take the usual nails.They have a round hat and a pointed end and an elongated "body".As a rule, a slightly rough cap.This is done to increase the stability and strength of the fastener.Produce like construction steel products.For nails that are adapted for mounting the stone pieces, using hardened alloys.Stainless metals, in turn, are necessary for fastening on ships.

sheet metal made special nails with a quadrangular cross-sectional shape.These fasteners are created for specific types of walls, so they can be found not in every house.

big hats - a distinctive feature of roofing nails.Small caps are equipped with nails for the furniture, as all fas

teners should be as invisible to the owner.

number of fasteners has two hats.Sam hammered the nail to the first cap.The second facilitates the process of pulling products from fasteners.Typically, these nails are used to strengthen the temporary structures.

Finally, nails, which are longer than 15 cm, called "crutches."However, to meet such a whopper in the houses is virtually impossible as a functional fastener is different from the scope of its domestic use.