Select wall tiles

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

tile from the constant humidity and a large number of different chemicals in the air, spoil the wallpaper and paint loses its color and durability.Therefore, the ideal option is to tile.How to choose the wall tiles?Try to understand.

Heat resistance

Any finishing material is exposed to high or low temperature.In the kitchen, as a rule, does not happen very large differences, which can not be said about the bathroom.Depending on the mood of the owner of the apartment or the temperature of the window in the bathroom can be a real hot or refreshing coolness.This means that for the room you need to buy a heat-resistant tiles.Therefore, when choosing the tiles have a look at its temperature characteristics.Good glazed tiles must withstand up to + 125o Celsius.


Optional bath or kitchen to choose is very strong, heavy and large tiles.You're not going to engage in these premises weightlifting?On the other hand, require durable tile, which will not be damaged by constant exposure to many different

chemicals.So, mark "AA" on the packaging chosen tile indicates a high level of protection.Such material is virtually unaffected by household chemicals.Characters "A», «B», «C" and "D", therefore suggests lowering the strength.For the kitchen can come and regular tile "A" group, although the bathroom is recommended to use "AA".


tile Currently on the market there are tiles of different format.In the form of elongated rectangles and squares, small and large - are the choice depends on the design of the room.


the visual features of the tiles will be discussed later, but for now will focus on the external indicators of quality of the material.You've found the correct tile strength and heat resistance;what to do next?Carefully inspect the surface of the material from both sides.On the tiles must be free of cracks, bulges (if they are not provided design) or depressions, bubbles and other external defects.The color of the inside of the tiles have to be even.In addition, the quality of the tiles must be determined by its variety.3rd grade shows the weakest performance, which are also reflected in the price, while the tiles 1st class made flawless and thoroughly checked.

Visual characteristics

Modern technology used in creating cladding materials, allow you to create wallpaper and ceilings with a variety of patterns and colors.Tiles are also not left out.Today's consumers offer a classically painted material and is extremely popular high-tech style.Consider the visual differences tiles in more detail.


As the name implies, this tile differs a familiar pattern.The most common classic tile has a monochromatic color scheme and the decorative motif.Imitation of natural materials is also relevant.Generally, as the sample used marble or brick.


tile In this case, the name also speaks for itself.Tile group of high-tech - it's unusual patterns, the effect of rust, imitation metal or its use, the addition of Swarovski crystals.In addition, to include high-tech tiles coated with a photographic images or reproductions of classical paintings.


This style is characterized by elements of the culture of different nations, carried on the tiles.Hieroglyphics, imitation of old paper, letters, totem mask, ornament - all these and many other visual ideas belong to ethno.

Exclusive tiles

This option is suitable for the most affluent customers.Exclusive tiles implies a use of pictures and ideas created by renowned designers, architects and artists.Such material can be found only in specialty stores and some patterns are made exclusively to order.