All of Brazil nuts

By Admin | Building Materials
28 May 2016

Brazilian nut Most popular IPE wood in South America, USA and Canada.What is so good brazil nuts?Primarily its durability.IPE if properly cared for almost spoiled for 25 years.Also this wood is different fire resistance and resistance to natural influences.Pests do not attack the IPE, so the owners of products made of this material should not be afraid of the ubiquitous termites and marine worms.

Brazil nut is not prone to cracking, and colors of wood has a fairly wide variety of (from yellow to black).IPE does not exude a pungent smell, and density of the material - 960-1100 kg / m3.Finally, the Brazilian nut absorbs moisture and completely deformed, even after prolonged exposure to water.

logical to assume that such an impressive performance IPE used in various fields of construction.It really is.For example, the IPE is excellent for flooring in showers, saunas, garden buildings and terraces.Although we mentioned the strength of the Brazil nut, but eventually because of heavy exposure to natural boards may appea

r small cracks, which, however, can be eliminated without any problems.For such a timber made special protective compounds.Apply tools needed twice a year (the best choice fall and spring), and then crack bypass IPE party.

matter how excellent material nor was Brazil nuts, but many of its characteristics depend on the mounting board.So, after the sawing wood cut site to be treated special wax composition.During the installation of boards is better to leave a gap of 6-8 mm for air circulation.Strengthen packed Brazil nuts best screws or screws with a protective anti-corrosion coating